Festive Fun: Whitecaps 2017 MLS Goalscorers Wordsearch

Festive Fun: Whitecaps 2017 MLS Goalscorers Wordsearch

Continuing our month of football related puzzles and Festive Fun, today we’re bringing you a wordsearch puzzle.

The task is simple. Find the surnames of the 13 Whitecaps players that scored for the ‘Caps in MLS action this past season. The players can be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, and backwards.

This is an interactive puzzle, but only on laptops and notebooks it seems, not phones or tablet by the looks of it. Use your mouse or touchpad to click on the first letter then direct to circle each player as you see them. If you’re struggling or not able to use the interactive feature, then scroll down for the solution. How quick can you find them all?

Loading the crossword has yet to start.




Find these words in the riddle: {{crosswordData.description}}

Difficulty level {{crosswordData.level+1|localeNumber}}
Word directions: only to the right and down any, including diagonal and backwards
List of words that should be found: visible before found hidden before found

Mark the words:

You have found {{count.solution|localeNumber}} of {{count.words|localeNumber}} words You have found all {{count.words|localeNumber}} words!

  • {{word.fields | joinWord}}

The marked word {{message.word | joinWord}} is not part of the solution.

Congratulation, you have solved the riddle!Congratulation, you have solved the riddle in {{message.time | duration}}!

You have found {{message.solution|localeNumber}} of {{message.words|localeNumber}} hidden words during the alloted time.

Please be patient for the crossword being loaded.

If you’re struggling to find any of the players, or are having to play it without the interactive element, here’s the solution:

  • 3
Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Greg Petrie at 09:58

    Feel like this should have been named “Find the Goalscorers faster than the Whitecaps FO”.

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