The Importance Of The Voyageurs Cup

With just under an hour to go till kick off in Montreal, the excitement here at AFTN is building.

If you haven’t already seen it, check out our Metro column about ‘Why We Should All Hate Montreal’.

To me, the Voyageurs Cup is the most important part of the regular season. With so many teams making the MLS playoffs (and USL/NASL playoffs before it), the regular season is somewhat devalued.

The glory on offer through the Voyageurs Cup far outweighs what the League can give us. Canadian pride, rivalries, real hatred with Montreal and the lure of a Concacaf Champions League qualifying spot are all on offer for the tournament winners. A veritable bag of riches.

Teitur knows what it is all about. He knows what it means to the fans. We have players from the last two years that know what it’s all about and I’m sure those Caps newbies will have heard all about the Cup, the Montreal screwjob and the heated rivalry with the Impact.

It’s good to see Teitur fielding a strong line up, taking the Cup seriously and going for the win. I expected nothing less. TFC’s Aron Winter seems to be going for youth and fringe players against Edmonton. That’s the kind of decision that comes back to bite you in the ass in Cup games.

We have to get at least one goal tonight, with away goals counting. Coming back to Vancouver with a couple of goal lead for next week would be ideal and a chance to rest a few players. Of course a 10-0 aggregate thumping of the Impact would be even better.

Montreal have looked pretty unexciting in their three matches to date. I caught the second half of their game against Tampa on Saturday and there really was nothing we should be fearing.

They’re still to gel and get in full flow. This game couldn’t come at a better time for the Whitecaps.

It will also be interesting to see what the crowd is like with the Montreal male ice skating team playing tonight in Boston. We know the Ultras will be there, but who else?

We can’t take anything for granted though. Cup ties are simply the best games in football. Midweek ones are simply magical and I can’t wait for Empire under the lights next Wednesday.

Some of my best experiences over my many years of watching the sport have been at Cup ties. They produce shocks. The underdogs become giantkillers.

Not this time though.

Mon the Caps.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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