Episode 235 – The AFTN Soccer Show (A Bit Of Bully)

Episode 235 – The AFTN Soccer Show (A Bit Of Bully)

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, so that means the football news is quietening down a little bit. Still stuff happening though in both Whitecapsland and the world of MLS, and we chat about some of the main talking points in this week’s show.

We also continue our Whitecaps Year in Review with a look at the months of July and August. and with the 2018 PDC World Darts Championships getting underway last week, we have a darts theme, as we give some ‘Caps players darting nicknames and take you back to the 1980’s to play a little bit of Bullseye.

All this, plus Gordon Forrest talks take out food and there’s more Football Violence in our Wavelength.

Here’s the full episode rundown:

06.10: Whitecaps news of the week
22.58: MLS news of the week
34.23: Whitecaps Year In Review – July
47.44: Wavelength – Skin Deep
50.09: Bullseye and Whitecaps darting nicknames
64.42: Whitecaps Year In Review – August
80.04: Flash Five – 2016 goals
85.11: Take Me Out – Gordon Forrest
87.10: BC Soccerweb headlines

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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