Episode 243 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Man The Barricades with guests Stefan Marinovic, Justin Fiddes, and Lucas Stauffer)

Episode 243 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Man The Barricades with guests Stefan Marinovic, Justin Fiddes, and Lucas Stauffer)

Vancouver Whitecaps’ week and a bit in the sun is over. They’re at least coming back to a bright orb in the sky but the temperatures may feel a tad different. Hope they packed some tops for this week!

Joe Deasy joins us in the studio to look at the first on field action of the preseason and which players stood out, for all the right and wrong reasons.

Our feature interview this episode is with the ‘Caps new number one between the sticks, Stefan Marinovic. We talk about making the keeper’s jersey his own last year, battling to keep it this season, his World Cup qualifying experience with New Zealand in Peru, and does Colorado’s new coach Anthony Hudson know all his weaknesses?!

We also look at all the big talking points from this past week in Whitecapsland and the world of Major League Soccer, and we sit down for a chat with two of the Whitecaps’ SuperDraft picks, defenders Justin Fiddes and Lucas Stauffer.

And there’s still time for David Norman Jr to talk Take Out Food, play our new trivia game The Only One, look at some other football news from around world, and The Hitchers feature in this week’s Wavelength section.

Here’s the full episode rundown of the main segments. Advanced notice that there is some swearing featured in this week’s show:

01.52: Whitecaps News of the Week – the good and bad from the Hawaii matches
09.59: Stefan Marinovic interview and discussion
24.11: The Only One Trivia Game – Round One
26.47: Whitecaps right back back-up battle
28.30: Justin Fiddes interview and discussion
37.18: More Whitecaps News of the Week – Kei Kamara and the attack, Shea no longer a DP, Jake Nerwinski, Whitecaps season tickets
52.57: The Only One Trivia Game – Round Two
55.45: Lucas Stauffer interview and discussion
76.37: MLS News of the Week – Larin fallout, Kaye to LA, Timbers add another attacker, new jerseys, and more
88.26: Wavelength – The Hitchers – Strachan
95.56: The Only One Trivia Game – Round Three
99.46: Take Me Out – David Norman Jr
101.20: BC Soccerweb headlines

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Mattock at 13:54

    Going against your request to post positively on iTunes, I’ll quickly state that there was good energy and loved the tunes this week – I wished someone had penned a song like the Hitchers’ “Strachan” about a Caps player – NASL, MLS – hell, any edition….

    I was a bit taken back by the shows’ general consensus laissez faire attitude towards the pre-season, knowing that it will be three short weeks till you would be back in the studio and commenting on the opener against the Impact. I watched about 25 minutes of the match against Hakkaido Saturday and it was soul sapping- our lack of coherent, possession football – I was actually shocked how brutal the play was.

    Before I made my prediction for the banter of March 4 on your program, I checked out the progress of the Impact in pre-season. they played their first pre-season match against the Las Vegas Lights ( I thought you were joking about the smiley face on the inside of the jersey) – they did get over 10,000 fans to their 1st home match – exhibition and all.

    So I’ll go with the three talking points I suggest you’ll be discussing – you’ve already brought this up about the Impact – there is 10 canucks 24 and under on the team – that could suggest an exciting future for the team. Secondly, the Caps win or tie because of set pieces, the team could also probably win the league’s BBall tourney (if they had one) with the number of lanky lads on the squad Lastly, Piatti runs the show and even if the visitors don’t win, it will be another sigh from those craving possession football at BC Place – from the home team!

  2. Michael McColl Author at 23:40

    I enjoyed the music myself this week! Although I usually do to be honest 🙂

    The closest I would say we have here to a Hitchers style song is one by The Exiles about Peter Beardsley (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T60KBPHitmA). We featured it in one of our Wavelength specials, but will make another appearance down the road in the weekly show.

    Interesting what you say about our attitude to preseason. I thought we pretty much had a sliding scale from Steve not being worried at all to Zach’s concern about the performance. Steve actually convinced me to be more positive when we were talking preshow. His argument that it was way to early to worry and the heat and mixed team aspect played their part. Before that talk I was way more doom and gloom. If they play the same way next week in LA though I will be very worried. The last two games were very hard to watch, but I do feel/hope that there’s valid reasons for that.

    I think the core of the team looks strong, it’s the supporting cast and those that come in for injuries etc that are more concerning. Some of the performances in Hawaii were certainly concerning and we have to see better next week or it’s going to be a very tough start to the season.

    The Impact’s belief in homegrowns is very encouraging and what we all thought Vancouver would look like. From various chats I’ve had with parents these past few weeks, we can definitely do a show just on the development aspect and what’s gone wrong. That is a concern for me. A big one.

    Right now I’m predicting a 1-1 draw for the home opener. A ‘Caps goal from a set piece of course.

    And finally, yup, that Vegas strip is something else.

    Btw, did you like the new game? I know some of the others haven’t been your cup of tea. Think this one hits the mark as it’s shorter!

  3. Mattock at 15:18

    I agree, it’s a shame when a poster isn’t forthright – I heard Zach’s concerns, but it kinda rounded up, that I felt I could slide with a “general consensus.” Steve is probably right, I believe I was still in shock from those 25 minutes I viewed – but I should have factored in that in previous years, the pre-season matches that I caught were from Rose City, closer to the season kick-off.

    I really enjoyed the lyricist’s POV on “Strachan” – while many women are keen on football, I’d wager a majority of footy fans have met someone – partner, good friend who are dismissive of the “art.” I liked how teammates were tossed into the song, a narrative of the match – I can re-call that Vancouver had a decent punk scene in the late ’70s, early 80’s and wish someone had written an energetic, crashing guitars ode to Alan Ball and the team after they won Soccer Bowl – that would have been a great legacy.

    You’re a man of your word – in this instance – when you wrote that you would bring up John Park in your chat with Mr. Robinson – but I couldn’t really extract a definitive job description, if he was on full wages and had a license to fly -go scouting about Europe, Robbo kind of wrapped it up with “ach, he’s a canny gent old John is, know him since I graduated from short pants” (wait a sec, Robbo is Welsh, John’s Scottish), seemingly hesitant to stress his importance or if he even plays a significant role in scouting (Juarez could almost be considered a freebie.) You did try, but the structure of player recruitment still isn’t very clear.

    I’ll be watching TFC’s CCL match against the Rapids to gauge our team’s level of preparation. The beat goes on, and I hope so does your show.Thanks…..

  4. ImpaQto at 07:31

    Thanks 🙂 Loved It

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