Episode 257 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Salt Pinchers – RSL analysis)

Episode 257 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Salt Pinchers – RSL analysis)

Death, taxes, the Whitecaps getting screwed by VAR, and being unable to break down a poor team. That’s what feels inevitable in life right now.

The ‘Caps headed to RSL and it wasn’t so much a case of the result being taken with a pinch of salt, but the Salty ones pinching a result. We pick over the bones of a poor outing in Utah, have a look at what went wrong in the 2-1 loss, and look at the individual performances of some of the ‘Caps players and Robbo.

We’ll also look at the weekend’s action amongst the MLS Western Conference teams, bring you a Flash Five about footballing brothers, talk Fish and Chips with Gordon Forrest, chat Panini stickers, introduce our new Swap Shop segment, and Halftime Oranges feature in this week’s Wavelength section.

Here’s the full episode rundown of the main segments from the show:

05.11: RSL v Whitecaps Match In Review
28.12: Mike Petke audio and discussion on his thoughts on the ‘Caps
34.07: RSL v Whitecaps player and Robbo discussion
46.28: MLS West Week In Review
66.06: Wavelength – Halftime Oranges – Panini
71.01: Panini Stickers
74.57: Swap Shop
79.16: Flash Five – Footballing Brothers
87.44: Fish and Chips with Gordon Forrest
91.44: BC Soccerweb headlines

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Mattock at 11:02

    A wrestler that the Caps fans could link with the RSL match? Rikishi – the faithful got visually stink-faced with that performance.

    I don’t expect Robbo to go during the season, perhaps not even let go if we fail to make the playoffs – he probably could survive a close seventh place finish, mainly because – as you touched on -of the dilemma of picking a new gaffer for the brain trust – it wouldn’t be a promotion from the current staff and bring Koch back would be a gamble. I think Robbo will be around for a while – the over/under on what comes first – Robbo’s departure or ownership lashing out on a marquee player?

    Bobby L has always stated that unless it involves a serious transfer fee or say a hefty pay cheque like Montero received, it’s up to the gaffer at the time to bring in whom he sees fit.Juarez obviously has a skill set, good football IQ, but with his transfer fee portioned in, he’s a TAM player, over $504,000 a year. At 30,he won’t be sold on down the road, so I have to question the the effective usage of TAM in this case….acknowledging it’s early days.

    TAM I believe has nearly tripled since last season , even if 2/3 is coming out of the owners’ pockets, and while I had wished last season that the Caps had just bought Barnes out of his contract and not traded for Shea, his wage is less of an issue this year and his play has warranted a spot on the roster. The Caps could go on another run and the Robbo out crowd will perhaps have to do with murmuring their dispeasure.

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