Episode 450 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Making An Impact)

Episode 450 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Making An Impact)

The latest AFTN Soccer Show is out for another packed show of Vancouver Whitecaps, MLS, and Canadian football chat.

The Whitecaps got back to winning ways against their Canadian foes from out east/down south, coming away with a 2-0 win against Montreal on Saturday afternoon. We’re joined by Paul Vance from The Ball Is Round podcast to pick over the bones of the game, the highs and the lows for both teams, and we hear the thoughts of head coaches Marc Dos Santos and Wilfried Nancy.

We also delve into some of the main questions surrounding the Whitecaps right now – when will they score from open play, why do they start so flat in the first half, how dangerous can Dajome be this year? And we look ahead to the busy week of matches in store, starting with Minnesota, and ponder how much squad rotation we might see.

We also look at the difference playing in front of fans might have on the team and hear the thoughts on that from Marc Dos Santos and Max Crepeau, plus we look around the action in MLS this past weekend, and our Wavelength selection this week is a song all about former England international Alan Shearer building a time machine and travelling to famous events in history to take notes. How could you not listen?!

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

01.25: Intro and football cards
05.48: Vancouver v Montreal postgame analysis with Paul Vance
44.52: Coaches audio – Marc Dos Santos and Wilfried Nancy
51.36: Whitecaps chat – the quest for an open play goal, flat first half starts, Dajome delight
71.10: Minnesota, KC next – how much rotation will we see and will fans in attendance add a different dynamic?
92.23: Whitecaps TV broadcast chat
105.57: MLS Week in Review
140.14: Wavelength – Quiet Marauders – Time Waits For No Man (Except…)

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Authored by: Michael McColl

There are 2 comments for this article
  1. Murray at 15:08

    Blake Price did ok despite having a bit of a Fred Savage in “The Wonder Years” vibe to him. He also needs to be careful and work his occasional Vic Rauterisms out of his commentary patterns. He wasn’t guilty of pointless tangents like Vic but some of the phrasology that he uses to describe the play skirts dangerously close to the most annoying one. That said, he was certainly better than the Toronto or the Montreal crew.

    He has big shoes to fill in Pete Schaad and he is not there yet. I am less concerned about him being a soccer only guy or not. There was the UK soccer announcer who did a brilliant job commentating on people doing random things in the park when the COVID pandemic first started. I was disappointed to see that he didn’t make a comment about the new post on his twitter feed. Not sure if that was a bit of feeling sheepish because he is a friend of Pete Schaad and did say that he had made a call to him so he didn’t want to make a big deal of it. He does need to pick up his Whitecaps commentary on his new podcast and on his twitter feed though.

    Time will tell.

  2. Michael McColl Author at 01:20

    It all feels very subdued with Price. I don’t think he’s doing that bad a job but the enthusiasm feels lacking. My biggest disappointment is that he isn’t giving the team more coverage.

    That Scottish guy that was doing the commentating on people and his dogs was fantastic and shows you can bring life to anything with the right tone.

    Hopefully it’ll get better. There are certainly worse around the league though.

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