Fitting Life Around Fixtures

I can’t remember when it first started but I do know that I’ve been arranging my life around football and other sporting fixtures for more years than I can obviously remember.

It’s frustrating as hell at the moment then waiting for Vancouver Whitecaps 2010 schedule to come out.

With all the legal wranglings about what league the Caps would be playing in this year, the result has been that trying to sort out the season’s fixtures has been pushed back further than usual.

And thus my holiday plans – much to my wife’s chagrin.

Fixtures in North America are just strange anyway, or at least the way they come out.

With so many teams not owning the actual stadiums they play in, the result is that teams often don’t have control over what takes place at their “home” stadium.

The MLS have released the initial batch of their fixtures, up to the first game into week 4. Further fixtures are to follow. Not ideal for fans wanting to try and plan away trips.

Between things like this and the horrendous fixture congestion that the USL enforced onto it’s teams, maybe it’s time that I decide to plan football around life.

Only jesting of course. That’s never going to happen!

Authored by: Michael McColl

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