Golden Balls Up If Beckham Loan Deal Goes Ahead

The on-off, will he-won’t he loan deal saga surrounding David Beckham is beyond tiresome already.

Some reports are still suggesting that his short term loan deal from LA Galaxy to Tottenham Hotspur could still be on.


It’s just baffling to me on so many levels.

From Tottenham’s point of view, why would you risk unsettling a pretty stable and currently buoyant side by bringing in a big name, past his sell by date distraction?

The loan deal would only be for around two months as Beckham would have to return to Los Angeles in time for the Galaxy’s MLS opener against Seattle at Qwest Field on March 15th.

What can a player do in that time? If he’s pish, he disrupts the team with possibly disasterous consequences for Spurs. If he somehow turns out to be great and just what they need to cement their push for at least a Champions League spot again next season, he’ll be buggering off right in the middle of it all. Unfinished business and again possibly dire consequences.

From a LA Galaxy point of view. What benefit can they get allowing their “star” player to be training and playing with people that aren’t his Galaxy team-mates? Where’s the squad bonding in the build up to the new season?

Surely spending time with your team, working on tactics, developing understandings with your fellow LA players is worth a hell of a lot more than a short jaunt in London. Also, with Premiership, FA Cup and Champions League games in the offing there is more than a chance that someone will do a hatchet job on Becks and injure him before the MLS season can even begin.

Should Beckham get injured though and miss some games, this could be a great boon for the Caps off the field, whilst also being a promotional nightmare for the front office off it!

It just all makes no sense and that’s why I’m pretty sure it won’t be happening.

It is a lesson to the Whitecaps though.

If we ever do get around to signing a designated player or two, it should be on the strict understanding that they will not be allowed to piss off for a few months jaunt elsewhere. Staying with the team in the off season is way more important.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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