Montreal Screws Vancouver Again

For the second time in three days the Montreal Impact screwed over the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The only difference between the Thursday screw and todays was that the Caps could have had a say in the outcome, had they bothered to turn up.

In a game that we all thought would be fiery from the get go, with the Whitecaps out to avenge their Champions League disappointments, Vancouver turned in a lacklustre display and only posed a real threat in the closing moments, going down 2-1.

Whether the deflation from Thursday still hung over the squad or whether they were missing the suspended Gbeke and Chalres, I don’t know, but all Caps fans expected better and more passion from the side than what was on display. Their pace was almost pedestrian at times and that was them two goals down by the half.

It was a poor end to a week that all Whitecaps fans will now just want to forget.

As for Montreal, well what can we say?

The Impact started the game with only two players who started Thursday’s debacle. That says it all really.

Montreal played some good, tight and attacking football, in the first half in particular, and this makes Thursday’s defeat even more galling than it already is. The Impact showed today what they are capable of if they try.

That, for me, is just even more reason to hate them and no amount of apologies from Joey Saputo and his organisation will ever change that.

The Whitecaps could have gone out and made a real statement today, in front of a national TV audience on CBC’s “Soccer Day In Canada”. A destructive performance from them would have been the best retort to all that’s happened. Sadly we’re just left with the verbal volleys that will continue to surround the events.

The Montreal UM02 Ultras stuck to their promise and boycotted the first half, their absence very noticeable on the TV to those who knew. Maybe the Whitecaps were doing the same.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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