The Blas Pérez Column: New team, new city, new derby

The Blas Pérez Column: New team, new city, new derby

We’re pleased to introduce to you our latest columnist here at AFTN and he’s a man very well known to Vancouver supporters and fans throughout MLS and the CONCACAF region – Whitecaps and Panama striker, Blas Pérez.

Every month Blas will pen a few lines about what’s been happening as a player on the pitch and give us a personal look at the man off it. We’re just easing into the new column gently, seeing how it will work best, but if there’s anything you’d like Blas to talk about or find out about Super Ratón, then let us know in the comments and we’ll see what we can do.


It is not the start to the season that we hoped to have. The team is fighting the full 90 minutes and staying positive and not going to give up.

In practice, we are seeking to correct those details in which we are failing and I am sure we will come back to win. The season is long and the journey has just begun. We haven’t lost hope!

This weekend I get to experience my first Cascadia Cup derby.

I always want to play, live each match to the most, and it excites me to add another derby in my career. The match will be close and hotly disputed. Seattle are a good team, and Seattle is a rival of respect that has not had a good start. Both teams will fight for those three points. They have the pressure of being at home and having to impress their crowd. We must take advantage of that point. It will be a great match.

I have played in many derby matches in my career. I don’t have one favourite or special one. For a football player or a fan, every derby, or classic, is unique and special matches. They are very unique in a different way.

I’ve played in big derby matches in Colombia, Mexico, here in MLS with Conference or the Texas derby rivals. At international level I’ve played in matches against rivals such as Costa Rica, Honduras and even Mexico. Rivalries that, athletically speaking, have increased in recent years, turning them into special matches.

Talking of special. Last Sunday was a special day for me as I turned 35-years-old.

My family is in Panama, so it was a bit difficult to not be able to celebrate that day together with them. A group of Panamanians here in Vancouver prepared me a small party. Really I am very grateful to them. It was a very beautiful and special detail.

Vancouver is a lovely city. Thanks to the club and to my teammates who have also helped me to adapt to life in this city. I’ve gone to a few restaurants, experienced the traffic, and I have used the bus system.

For now I’m alone in the city, but among my teammates, the Panamanians in Vancouver and friends, I feel comfortable and at ease and I am very grateful to all of them.

Until next time.


Authored by: Blas Pérez

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  1. Anonymous at 17:42

    Good read thanks for this!! Interesting to hear about him

  2. kelownafred (@KelownafredMy) at 18:44

    Good stuff …keep it coming!

  3. Charlie Helms (@chazsoccer) at 13:04

    Blas, sometimes you post funny little video skits on your Instagram account. Do you write the comedy? Con una grande abrazo, su amiga “Charlie”

  4. Mary at 06:42

    Awsome, comments, and, we love to hear, anything from,you n your, new team,
    and, remember,Blas, you never,are alone, God, its always with you, keep the good work
    hope, to see more,lines,like this one,in the future
    una, fiel fanatica desde Atlanta,GA

  5. Hector at 15:24

    I am confident that you will do great things in Vancouver, and prove to everybody that age does not define your tenacity and never ending hard work ethic for the game.

    I am sad to hear that your family is not with you. Also, your oldest son is no longer in an academy, like he was in Dallas. This is a very young Whitecap team, so I hope you are doing your best in pushing them to play better, and mentoring them.

    Unfortunately, there will be an unfriendly face on the pitch tonight. The infamous Mark Geiger is the main referee for this match 🙁

    The same Mark Geiger who was referee during Panamá’s loss to Mexico in the 2015 Gold Cup. The same Mark Geiger who awarded a pathetic red card to Tejada in the first 15 minutes, forcing Panamá to play with 10 men. Then, after an excellent header by Seattle’s very own Panameño Roman Torres (still injured), putting Panamá ahead 1-0, awarded two ridiculous penalty kicks to El Tri, handing Mexico the match…

    The 2013 Gold Cup, 2014 CONCACAF World Cup HEX Qualifiers, and the 2015 Gold Cup has definitely made El Tri a new rival…. I was at the Georgia Dome for both the 2013 and 2015 Gold Cups.

    It still is painful to remember to that day….

    VIVA VANCOUVER y VIVA PANAMÁ! Show us the horns tonight!!!

    Un otro fiel fanatico desde Atlanta, Georgia y Panamá City, Panamá

  6. Aaron Campbell at 15:08

    Welcome to the AFTN team Blas.

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