Who Will Savage Whitecaps Reputation First – Darlington or Robbie?

In the last few days, all the talk around the Whitecaps has been around tomorrow’s MLS Superdraft and the Caps top pick and subsequent picks. Today that changed, at least a little bit.

Don’t even get me started as to the why everything has to have a dynamic name and every player seems to have to have some kind of designation to him. I am trying to try and stay slightly positive about MLS, even if it is a fucking joke League at times!

Why so many people seem to put so much onus on which player we select first puzzles me. Who we get out of this is not a momentous decision in the history of the Vancouver Whitecaps. These are mostly untried players. They’re more a pig in a poke at this level. More often than not one for the future than one which can help us right away, which is what we need. It’s no more important to me than which residency player we next bring through the ranks. Signing some decent strikers and experienced players with youth on their side and/or designated players are way more important to me.

The player on everyone’s lips of course has been Darlington Nagbe.

The Akron University star was named America’s top men’s college player last week, picking up the Hermann Munster trophy on Friday. This must have excited Gramps Lenarduzzi, as Nagbe was expected to be the Whitecaps first selection tomorrow.

Nagbe missed the showcase combine, adding to speculation that he had already made a deal with the Whitecaps, a rumour everyone was quick to deny.

Hopefully no-one got their new MLS Caps jerseys printed with Nagbe’s name though as it seems that the whole deal may have fallen through with the word on the street being that Nagbe does not want to come to Vancouver.

Well fuck him. If he doesn’t want to come, then I don’t want him here and would much rather see us take someone who actually does want to play for the jersey. We could still take him and he makes it a PR embarrassment for the Caps. We could trade picks with Portland, although what they would have to offer in return? Or, a particular favourite of mine, draft the wanker then sell him to some shithole franchise where he’ll simply rot.

Immigration complications are one of the reasons being cited but you know what, who cares what they are. Any player in this draft should be honoured to pull on a jersey for a Club with a rich history and tradition like the Whitecaps.

If this does play out like this, it would be another major embarrassment for the Whitecaps front office. Following the fuck ups involving Omar Salgado (who is available in the draft and could be picked up at 8th) and Cody Arnoux, you do have to wonder what the hell is going on behind the scenes.

Add in the fact we don’t seem to feel we need strikers and the lack of designated players and this isn’t filling people with a ton of optimism at this point. Then we can now add in to the mix that veteran Welsh terrier Robbie Savage could be about to join the Club.

This rumour seems to have been confirmed by the man himself. At 36, is this really the kind of player and direction we are wanting the Whitecaps to go? I’m all for experience and leadership but come on.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Robbie’s. I recommend his autobiography to all. He’s one of the best shit disturbers in the business. Colourful, charismatic, a wind up merchant extraordinaire, a skillful player still, a leader and someone who’s not afraid to put the boot in when needed. He’s great and if he comes I’ll welcome him with open arms and be chanting his name from the rooftops if a designated player spot isn’t wasted on him and he doesn’t keep a starting place for someone more deserving.

He’s not the future of the Club though and as much as he’s a cult hero/villain in the UK, I don’t know how much of a “name” he is to be a draw here. What kind of message is it giving out as well in bringing someone who is near the end of his career to the Club. Others will question his dubious reputation and what message that gives out. That I don’t care about. If we had a squad full of Robbie Savages I’d be happy at the commitment that would be shown, although how many players we’d be finishing the games with would be questionable!

We need youth. We need a future. We need strikers. We need players who want to come and play for a proud club, not just because of the money. We need a team that’s going to be be competitive from the off, as we’re no ordinary expansion team.

We’re paying enough to watch the team, now give us what we want in return and pick wisely.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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