AFTN adds to your matchday experience with Vancouver Whitecaps Bingo!

AFTN adds to your matchday experience with Vancouver Whitecaps Bingo!

It’s matchday!

Albeit a bizarre 8pm Friday night kick off, but nothing beats some football under the lights. Right?

Nothing is certain from this Vancouver Whitecaps team this season. We could be in for an entertaining end to end cracker, or a drab dull and dreary game of patience and counter attacks.

What will it be this week? Well fear not, no matter what we end up with, we have something here at AFTN that’s guaranteed to add excitement to your ‘Caps viewing experience, no matter whether you’re sitting there live at the match or watching the game at home or in the bar.

It’s AFTN’s Vancouver Whitecaps Bingo Card….

AFTNs Vancouver Whitecaps Bingo

36 squares of “that’s so Vancouver” malarkey. How many will you be able to cross off tonight? Will you be able to complete your card in just one match or will you need to carry it on to Sporting KC next week and maybe even beyond that? Will you turn it into a drinking game and be hammered by half time?

You can use the card we’ve provided here, or for even more fun and frolics, head along to HERE and you can print off any number of random generated Bingo Cards to play along with all your friends and family. Did someone say Bingo Beach Party? Probably not, but don’t be shy, give it a try.

Fun for kids and the young at heart of all ages, and guaranteed to be a load of balls.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Greg at 20:47

    Shouldn’t the “Robinson says blame him for defeat not the players” just be the free spot in the center?

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