AFTN’s MLS Last Man Standing is back – Enter the 2020 competition now!

AFTN’s MLS Last Man Standing is back – Enter the 2020 competition now!

MLS is back, I’m sure you’ve all seen the hashtag, and since we love retro here at AFTN we’ve decided to bring back a competition we ran in the 2012 and 2013 seasons just in time for the new campaign to get underway – Last Man Standing.

So what is Last Man Standing? Well, it’s a competition we ran on AFTN back in Scotland for a number of years and many of you over here will know it more as a survivors pool.

The competition is open to all, no matter what team you support or where you live in the world. And no, you don’t have to be a man to take part, but we had the graphic already and this was what the competition was always called!!

MLS’ weird and wacky fixture list makes it a little bit more complicated than how we previously ran it, which was one of the reasons we stopped doing it a few years back, but we thought we’d give it another go.

The competition will run most weekends from now until the end of the season when there are a number of MLS matches scheduled to be played over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. International date weekends won’t be included due to the number of teams not playing.

Midweek games will not be included for the most part, but this may change as the season goes on if we need to start whittling people down quicker, so keep an eye on the site for when the next round is. Previous experience has shown this likely won’t be necessary!

Here’s the basic rules…


– Every week we will list the eligible fixtures and you pick one of the teams involved that you think will win by leaving your selection in the comment below along with your name. You can only enter once.

– If that team wins, you are through to the next round. If they lose or draw, then you are out of the competition.

– You will only be able to pick a team once, until you have selected all 26 teams, so choose your weekly selection wisely. You don’t want to be left with the crappy teams playing the top ones if you can help it or forced to pick a team you don’t want due to a bye week. At some point you will probably have to pick FC Cincinnati! He who dares, wins.

– The exception to the “pick only once” rule will be when you might only have selection(s) left that are not playing. In such a scenario, you are free to pick a team you have already selected for that week only.

– We will be keeping a running tally of who has picked what team and updating on the site at the start of the following week.

– You have to enter the competition in Week One (this week). Late entrants cannot join.
– Selections must be made before the first game of that week kicks off. This time will be clearly laid out.

– Anyone posting their entry after the first kick off time any week will automatically be knocked out.

– The thread will be closed for new posts and amendments after the first game has kicked off.

– Anyone selecting a team they have already selected in a previous week will be disqualified. If you notice you have selected a team you’ve already picked, you have until the first game kicks off to change it. You are responsible for tracking which teams you have previously selected.

– If you fail to make a selection in time one week, you are automatically eliminated.

– The competition will run until a winner is crowned. In the unlikely event that we have multiple players remaining by the end of the regular season, we will continue it into the playoffs.

– The winner will be the last person standing, who will then have the crown until next season. (Note – there is no actual crown, although if I end up winning I may end up buying myself one. No-one else though!).

Long winded, but hopefully that will explain all you need to know for those of you unfamiliar with such a competition. So, with all that out of the way, here are the 13 eligible fixtures for this first weekend. Every team is in the mix, so pick wisely:

D.C. United v Colorado Rapids
Montreal Impact v New England Revolution
Houston Dynamo v LA Galaxy
San Jose Earthquakes v Toronto FC
FC Dallas v Philadelphia Union
Orlando City v Real Salt Lake
Nashville v Atlanta United
Vancouver Whitecaps v Sporting Kansas City
Columbus Crew v New York City FC
New York Red Bulls v FC Cincinnati
Seattle Sounders v Chicago Fire
Los Angeles FC v Inter Miami
Portland Timbers v Minnesota United

The first game kicks off on Saturday at 1pm EDT/10am PDT, so you have until then to enter the competition and make your first pick. So make sure you get your selections in early.

Simply leave the name of the team you are picking and your name or screen name in the comments below.

Good luck!

Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Avatar
    Michael McColl Author at 19:37

    I will kick things off with a possible gamble – Vancouver Whitecaps!

  2. Avatar
    Ryan at 19:57

    Seattle Sounders

  3. Avatar
    Coolwhip at 19:57

    I mean it’s gotta be Atlanta United this week

  4. Avatar
    Alex Gangué-Ruzic at 19:58

    Gonna throw a blind dart at the wall… Colorado Rapids

  5. Avatar
    Matt Van Eeuwen at 20:08


  6. Avatar
    Aaron Campbell at 20:26

    NY RedBulls

  7. Avatar
    Rob Danyluk at 20:35

    Real Salt Lake

  8. Avatar
    Patrick deane at 20:35

    Real salt lake

  9. Avatar
    Will Walls at 21:23

    Real Salt Lake

  10. Avatar
    Kyle Massey at 21:27


  11. Avatar
    Scott Baxter at 21:29


  12. Avatar
    Brenton Walters at 21:29

    I want to make it past the first round.

    New York Red Bulls!

  13. Avatar
    Matthew at 21:36

    Red Bull

  14. Avatar
    JD at 21:36

    Los Angeles FC

  15. Avatar
    Troy de Graaf at 21:53

    Atlanta United

  16. Avatar
    Mitchell at 21:53

    DC United

  17. Avatar
    Josue Casanova at 22:36

    LA Galaxy

  18. Avatar
    Yo Adrian at 23:31

    DC United

  19. Avatar
    FrankieIII at 00:07


  20. Avatar
    Lotions 11 at 08:23

    Vancouver Whitecaps !!!!!!!

  21. Austin Sweeney
    Austin Sweeney at 09:36


  22. Avatar
    Robert Martin at 11:00

    NY Red Bulls

  23. Avatar
    Richard Williams at 18:44


  24. Avatar
    Greg at 20:41

    NY Red Bulls

  25. Avatar
    Ryan Burns at 10:12

    LA Galaxy to beat Houston

  26. Avatar
    Spencer Larsen at 22:04


  27. Avatar
    Peter C at 22:06

    San Jose.

  28. Avatar
    Gavin Rushnell at 22:11

    LA Galaxy

  29. Avatar
    Adam H at 22:11

    NY Red Bulls

  30. Avatar
    Rica41 at 22:34



  31. Avatar
    Jakob K at 22:36

    NY Red Bulls.

  32. Avatar
    Garrett Crane at 22:43

    FC Dallas

  33. Avatar
    Rowan Hughes at 22:45

    Red Bulls please

  34. Avatar
    Trev at 22:46

    DC United

  35. Avatar
    Zach Meisenheimer at 22:56

    The Goats II (LAFC)

  36. Avatar
    Alex L. at 23:34


  37. Avatar
    Jake McGrail at 00:06

    Vancouver Whitecaps, because why not?

  38. Avatar
    John Humphries at 06:38


  39. Avatar
    JL at 08:12


  40. Avatar
    Javy at 08:20

    DC united

  41. Avatar
    Steve Pandher at 08:33

    NY Red Bulls

  42. Avatar
    Andrew Ngo at 08:35

    Vancouver Whitecaps

  43. Avatar
    Iain McHugh at 09:24

    FC Dallas

  44. Avatar
    Jeff Ingham at 09:57

    Red Bulls

  45. Avatar
    Michael McColl Author at 10:15

    Entry is now closed! Many thanks to everyone who has entered and good luck.

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