AFTN Moves To Canadian Soccer News

AFTN Moves To Canadian Soccer News

December 11th is an important day for Vancouver Whitecaps fans.

It is the day that the Club were formed back in 1973 and we thought that it was thus a very fitting day to make a major announcement concerning the next chapter of Away From The Numbers.

From today (right now in fact!), AFTN is moving to the Canadian Soccer News platform.

Do not fret though.

It will be the same AFTN in all regards, only bigger, better and reaching a wider audience. You’ll even still get all of our weird humour – whether you like it or not!!

We’re putting together our own team of writers and columnists, some you’ll have read on AFTN before, some elsewhere and some will be new to you.

The move will boost CSN’s west coast coverage, making it the one-stop shop for all your Canada-wide football news.

Our Blogger site here will always remain here as an archive and reference of the last three years, but will no longer be updated with new material.

You can now read AFTN Canada Here.

Don’t forget you can also still read our general AFTN football blog Here

We hope you continue to enjoy it, and thanks for all your support these last three years!

Onto the next chapter…

Authored by: Michael McColl

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