Alex Morfaw Talks To AFTN About PDL Playoff Push

Alex Morfaw’s inexplicable absence from the current first team reckoning means that most Whitecaps fans haven’t seen much of the Cameroon international.

It’s a shame, as he possesses a lot of what the current first team have been lacking in the middle of the park for a lot of the season so far.

Alex is a talented player that has represented his country at U17, U20 and U23 levels and has played in France, England and Sweden before joining the Whitecaps last season.

Those of us who have been watching the PDL Residency games have been lucky to see Alex in action and he’s certainly been standing out in the games at that level.

AFTN caught up with him in training earlier this week and asked him about his time with the PDL side, what’s he’s learning, what he’s sharing and about the team’s playoff chances:

AFTN: You’ve been playing a lot of games with the Residency team in the PDL this year. How have you found that experience? Have you enjoyed it?

ALEX MORFAW: It’s always difficult when you’re a first team player to go. If you’re not strong in your head and you go with PDL, you can feel like you’ve dropped down. But I didn’t take it like that cos I’m lucky that the coach, all the staff with the PDL team are good people and they know how to talk to players. So every time I go there I’m trying to work on something and for me it’s an opportunity to have playing time, so I take it very seriously. I’m happy with everything.

AFTN: We’ve watched a lot of the Residency games this year and as one of the more experienced players, you’re definitely a leader on the park. Is that a role you’ve been enjoying?

AM: Yeah, I like it. The fact that I can help guys younger than me. Cos they are 4, 5 or 6 years younger than me, and I feel like they are listening to me when I am talking and I’m enjoying it. The coach is asking me to be that kind of guy, that little bit of a role. I like it.

AFTN: There’s three games left in the season and the team are currently sitting in third position. Do you think they’ve got a good chance of finishing in the top two positions and making it into the playoffs?

AM: I think everything is possible cos now the young guys are working good. We have every chance. Maybe win two games, because the point difference is not that big.

AFTN: The fans have really taken to the PDL side this year and they’ve been travelling in numbers to the games. Do you appreciate the support that’s been coming out to the games?

AM: Oh yeah, it’s unbelievable the fans here. I made the trip to Tacoma and there were fans there. Sometimes we go somewhere where you’re not expecting to see fans, but they are there. That’s unbelievable and we are lucky in Vancouver to have those kind of fans.

The Residency games have been a breath of fresh air to many of the fans that have been going along. They’ve certainly provided us with some of our most enjoyable games of the season.

The PDL playoffs are still a real possibility.

We’ve three games left and only one of them at home, so if you can make it along to Swangard Stadium at 6pm on Wednesday evening, come and cheer on Alex and the boys against North Sound SeaWolves as the playoff push continues.

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[*** You can read more from our interview with Alex over on Prost Amerika, where he talks about Mustapha Jarju, African players coming to MLS and the upcoming Manchester City game ***]
Authored by: Michael McColl

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