Away Fans Ticketing Update – Communication Error Blamed For Confusion

Following on from our story on Sunday about the shambles surrounding Toronto fans getting tickets for the Caps home opener, we have an update.

Southsiders President, John Knox, has been in contact with Roberto Cabrone at the Whitecaps Front Office and he has confirmed that the section originally communicated to Toronto fans was incorrect and they are now likely to be in Sections 228 and 229 at the north end of the stadium and well away from the Southsiders.

It was also confirmed that the Southsiders will indeed be in the Southside of the stadium.

The sections now allocated to TFC fans (and we can assume all visiting supporters), looks to be in the non alcohol section, if things are kept at Empire as they are for BC Lions games. I’m sure that’s bound to please them! This is also likely to mean in amongst families, which is a bit strange in itself. Families who wanted to be at the opposite end of the stadium from the noise and language of the Southside, will now be beside visiting supporters and as an away fan, you always want to be louder and as obnoxious as possible to those roundabout you. Watch the complaints roll in.

The Caps FO are under the impression that we are only talking about 30 tickets here. From reading various TFC fans forums, and taking into account BC based TFC fans, I would say that we’re looking at much greater numbers than this. If any TFC fans could get in touch to confirm one way or the other, then that would be great.

Whilst it is good that this has now, apparently, been finally sorted out, the miscommunication is a worry and just raises more questions about exactly what kind of shambles the Whitecaps ticketing office is currently in.

They have confirmed that season ticket packages will be mailed by Purolator in the week leading up to the home opener, which doesn’t allow for much time if things go awry or are unable to be delivered to some fans.

The Southsiders are also organising a pick up event at the Lamplighter Pub on March 15th, and we strongly recommend this as the best option. You MUST RSVP in advance though, so please check out their website for more details.

More news on ticketing issues to follow…

Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Piltdownman at 23:49

    Link to the Southsiders Event:

    Non-Southsiders can also sign up to pick up their tickets at this event.

  2. GoF at 04:03

    Just to add now that the news seating plan released shows the non alcohol section to not be where the away fans will be but right next to it.

    Good news for the travelling support, maybe not for the surrounding families!!

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