Beckham Bites Again

Just as all the hullaballoo about David Beckham “losing it” in LA was dying down, he’s reacted to more fan abuse during the LA Galaxy’s away trip to the Kansas City Wizards on Saturday night.

Some of the abuse was covered in the You Tube video you’ll see below (which is an excellently shot video style incidentally) and thanks to St Pauli Fifer on the AFTN forum for bringing it to our attention:


It’s just so laughable and he’s really just becoming a figure of fun now. Considering he made the Galaxy’s tying goal, all people are going to be wanting to talk about is how he’s cracking.

The funny thing about it all is that the abuse isn’t even all that bad! He had worse in England and when you consider the abuse meted out by the Southsiders to the opposing goalies each home game (attacking everything from their mothers, sisters and wives to allergies to penicillin!) you have to wonder if this is all in the big masterplan.

By constantly reacting to the abuse, the fans in the hardcore supporters sections will just dish out more and more of it and it’ll get nastier and nastier. Beckham can then use that as his excuse for leaving the MLS and returning to Milan or to England.

He needs to stop reacting and get on with helping his team by not being the centre of attention all the time or just pack his bags and ship out and take his whole gong show with him.

Personally I just hope he sticks it out to 2011 so I can join in the abuse myself.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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