Different Times #1: A Duzzi of a milk moustache

Different Times #1: A Duzzi of a milk moustache

We kicked off our coverage of Vancouver Whitecaps 1979 NASL Soccer Bowl win last week with a couple of piece – an overall season review and a look at the season opening loss to Dallas Tornado.

But we don’t want to just bring you the match recaps and photographs from the games that won the ‘Caps the trophy, we also want to capture the feel of that time with a splattering of 1979 nostalgia. From old Whitecaps themed adverts to player interviews, we’ll whisk you back 40 years when it was different times people. Different times.

And kicking off all of that we’re going to bring you a doozy of an advert. Well, a Lenarduzzi one actually, as Whitecaps legend, and current club President, Bob Lenarduzzi teaches us some soccer skills while encouraging us all to drink more milk.

This B.C. Dairy Foundation advert ran in all of the Whitecaps’ Kick matchday magazines that 1979 season, amongst other places. Nice mooves!

Authored by: Michael McColl

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