Episode 116 – The AFTN Soccer Podcast (Whitecaps Season So Far Roundtable with guest Jordan Harvey)

Episode 116 – The AFTN Soccer Podcast (Whitecaps Season So Far Roundtable with guest Jordan Harvey)

Vancouver Whitecaps are having a bye week, so that means some much needed rest and recovery for the players. Not for us though, as we bring you our “Season So Far” roundtable with the help of AFTN writer Jay Duke and regular podcast contributor Zachary Meisenheimer.

Are the ‘Caps punching above their weight? Were the early wins papering over the cracks? What about those rigid tactics, missed chances and other strengths and weaknesses of the team so far? We discuss all these points and more.

We’re also joined by ‘Caps defender Jordan Harvey who chats to us about his own season so far. Losing his spot to Sam Adekugbe, battling back to regain it, how he feels he came into the preseason and looking ahead to the coming Champions League campaign.

And there’s still time for our semi-regular gameshow, 30 Seconds To Mars and some Women’s World Cup talk.

Have a listen! And apologies for the slight echo feel to most of it when we had to change mics a little bit in!

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Michael McColl Author at 01:15

    Music featured in this episode is:

    “Away From The Numbers” by The Oh Wells
    “Jordan” by Buckethead
    “Mars Bar” by The Undertones

    You can find them all to buy on iTunes (apart from our own theme song unfortunately) and on You Tube.

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