Episode 140 – The AFTN Podcast – “There’s Still Time” (The Great Leap Forward Roundtable)

Episode 140 – The AFTN Podcast – “There’s Still Time” (The Great Leap Forward Roundtable)

With the MLS schedule out and the signings starting to take shape, it’s already getting exciting in Whitecapsland, two months before First Kick.

In the last of our three end of season roundtable discussions, AFTN writer Jay Duke, and Curva Collective’s Zachary Meisenheimer and Steven Lamothe join your regular podcast co-hosts to look at what Vancouver Whitecaps need to do next, after their best season in MLS so far, to take that next step and raise some silverware.

Carl Robinson now has two years under his belt as head coach. We cast a critical eye over his performance and his tactics, formations and man management.

Robbo likes his youth but is the team missing some players in their late 20s to add that bit more experienced heads and calming influence at key times? Is there real leadership on the team from captain Pedro Morales?

Do the ‘Caps need to splash the cash to challenge with the big spenders in the league or risk getting left behind? And with the roster now taking shape, who won’t be here come First Kick, are the team too heavy with DMs and how do you get the young homegrowns regular minutes in a pretty set starting line-up?

Where will, and what should, the Whitecaps priorities lie for this year ahead and are modern day footballers too pampered and whiny?

We chat about all of this and more. Have a listen!

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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