Episode 127 – The AFTN Podcast – “There’s Still Time” (WFC2 – A Successful First Year In USL?)

Episode 127 – The AFTN Podcast – “There’s Still Time” (WFC2 – A Successful First Year In USL?)

It’s all over for Vancouver Whitecaps 2’s inaugural season.

Michael and Steve are joined by Curva Collective’s Zachary Meisenheimer and AFTN photographer Tom Ewasiuk to look at WFC2’s first season in USL.

Can it be deemed a success?

We hear the thoughts on the season from the two main coaches involved, WFC2’s Alan Koch and the ‘Caps MLS head coach Carl Robinson.

The club finished second bottom in the table but got some vital development minutes not just for their talent coming through, but the fringe guys from the MLS team. What were the highs? The lows? Who made the grade and could move on up and who disappointed? And what about the venue itself up at UBC and the crowds they attracted?

We look at all this and more.

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Authored by: Michael McColl

There are 2 comments for this article
  1. Kenizhere at 16:15

    Wonder why WCFC2 doesn’t get the interest it deserves? It’s the name.
    Can you imagine anyone in the stands calling, “C’mon WCFC2 ! C’mon WCFC2 !”
    There was move afoot to call them “Thundercaps” but that died out after awhile.
    I can’t even imaging wearing a cap with the logo ‘WCFC2’ written in it.
    (Is it the ‘Wash Closet” football club?)
    The Whitecaps organization should have a name the team contest to get some buzz going around BC about our second team.
    I live on Vancouver Island and I would love to win a trip to Vancouver to see the whitecaps and the WCFC2 games.

  2. Michael McColl Author at 18:59

    Can’t disagree with you. It’s a dreadful name. Thundercaps wasn’t much better!

    Between that and the venue and the fact that the appetite for that level of soccer isn’t what people think it is, it’s a hard sell and I can’t see much improvement in that regard next year.

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