Episode 154 – The AFTN Podcast – “There’s Still Time” (Capital Punishment with PRO’s Peter Walton and WFC2’s Sem de Wit)

Episode 154 – The AFTN Podcast – “There’s Still Time” (Capital Punishment with PRO’s Peter Walton and WFC2’s Sem de Wit)

The horrorshow that was Vancouver Whitecaps 4-0 loss in DC was certainly one to forget. Yes, there were injuries and absences, but that doesn’t fully excuse the defensive deficiencies, lack of creativity and the impotent attack.

It was a tough one to watch but what to make of it now that the dust has settled? We look back at the defeat and some of the big questions coming out of it at both ends of the pitch for the ‘Caps. Plus we look ahead to this weekend’s match at Real Salt Lake. Is there anything out there that gives a sense of a better result against a much better side?

The MLS Whitecaps might be having their struggles, but the USL side are still unbeaten. A large part of that lies in their solid defence and we talk to a key reason behind that, Dutch centre back Sem de Wit.

The second half of our show is dedicated to refereeing. It’s been the big talking point all season long, and even with some of the refereeing reigned in this past weekend, there’s still some tackles that set social media abuzz.

PRO (the Professional Referee Organisation) general manager Peter Walton had a conference call with media last week to discuss current refereeing directives and the red mist that’s been descending down upon MLS. It covered things we feel a lot of the fans, media and players should know and hear, so we’re bringing you a big chunk of it on this week’s show.

There’s a lot of chat to be had, so have a listen!

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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