Episode 171 – The AFTN Soccer Podcast (SuperDraft Extravaganza with Carl Robinson, Jakob Nerwinksi, and Francis De Vries)

Episode 171 – The AFTN Soccer Podcast (SuperDraft Extravaganza with Carl Robinson, Jakob Nerwinksi, and Francis De Vries)

What number of offseason draft was this? We’ve lost count. But Friday was the big one, MLS SuperDraft. You know it’s special because it has Super in the title!

Not that explosive and Vancouver Whitecaps had fewer selections it felt than in seasons past, but they came away with a couple of solid, promising defenders.

We speak with ‘Caps coach Carl Robinson (at 02:58 mark) after all the draft hoopla was over for the afternoon about Vancouver’s selections, his search for a new striker and attacking midfielder, and a number of other offseason talking points in Capsland.

We also chat with both of the Whitecaps draft picks, UCONN Huskies right back Jakob Nerwinski (18:32) and St Francis RedFlash centre back Francis De Vries (32:58) about their journey to the pro ranks and a lot more besides.

We discuss all these things and a lot more. There’s a lot of drafting and Whitecaps chat to be had, so have a listen.

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Ronan T Allen (@RonanTAllen) at 16:50

    Thanks for putting up those interviews on the pod, Michael. The De Vries interview was really impressive. Sounds like a delightful, intelligent young man.

  2. Mattock at 12:00

    I enjoyed that podcast and am glad to hear about your vigorous plans for Caps coverage in ’17. I didn’t expect Robbo to reply when you asked why Jacob over Odi-Atsem, but it was a question begging to be asked, as was the clever maneuvering that will have to been done for roster spots.

    One question I wished you had asked….TFC flogged their 2 high second round draft picks for $75,000 of TAM…with only 7 players currently on the WFC2 squad, did the Caps even consider getting in that sweepstakes to take GA Shome and Reid? MLS roster and regulations state that GA are supplemental players, which perhaps indicates they have to be on the senior squad, but don’t count against the cap- but you hear rumblings that Shome is heading to Montreal USL partner Ottawa.

    I will be looking forward to your reports from overseas and if you spot an xl t-shirt with Sid James on the front, I believe I have some old Panini stickers I’d be willing to trade…have a good trip and I look forward to aftn’s re-launch.

  3. Michael McColl Author at 22:40

    Cheers guys

    Will try and ask Robbo that question Mattock.

    And will keep an eye out for a t-shirt, especially if I end up in Camden.

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