Episode 213 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Rapids Response Team with guests Adam Straith and Marco Carducci)

Episode 213 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Rapids Response Team with guests Adam Straith and Marco Carducci)

Vancouver Whitecaps’ road trip rolled into Colorado this weekend, fighting to a 2-2 draw with the Rapids. A tad disappointing or a hard point well earned? We look at that, the highs and lows of the match, and which players stood out for all the right and the wrong reasons. With New England next up, we also look ahead at what might be in store for the ‘Caps against the Revolution.

With the transfer window set to close in a few days we chat to a player who could be joining the Whitecaps, Canadian international Adam Straith. The Residency alumni is here training with the ‘Caps as a free agent, and we also chat with another former Residency player who was back in Vancouver this past week, current Rio Grande Toros keeper Marco Carducci.

All this and a World Cup anthem that wasn’t to be in this week’s Wavelength section, plus Stewart Kerr talks fish and chips, and does Jordan Harvey fancy a chocolate digestive?


01.44: Vancouver’s draw in Colorado – chat and analysis
22.19: The first week of VAR
26.16: The state of the wild, wild West
29.47: Colorado preview
40.51: Adam Straith interview and chat
56.27: Anyone fancy a chocolate digestive with Jordan Harvey
58.04: WFC2 and USL present and future
62.13: Marco Carducci interview and chat
69.44: Flash Five – U23 Canadian goalkeepers
75.07: Stewart Kerr talks fish and chips
77:58: BC Soccerweb headlines
91.11: Wavelength – James

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Authored by: Michael McColl

There are 2 comments for this article
  1. John Andress at 12:41

    I finally had a chance to listen to Episode 213 (thank you, Excellent as always.) and was interested in the debate on whether this match constituted two points lost or one point won on the road. Unless I missed it, the most significant factor which tipped this issue in favour of a point won in my mind went uncommented upon – the return of Shkelzen Gashi to the Rapids’ lineup. Gashi revitalized the Colorado attack with his vision and performance and, combined with the absence of Kendall Waston, created some uncertainty in and pressure upon the Whitecaps defensive back line. When Gashi on the pitch for seventy minutes or so, the Rapids were an echo of their last season’s selves and too good a side to make a road point anything but a positive achievement.

  2. John Andress at 15:05

    My apologies, Mr. McColl. I have just listened to the latest Radio Cascadia podcast (Better late than never. Am I right?) and I see that you comprehensively touched on the points I raised in the above comment in that. I see that we are in agreement on the matter and I should have realised that you would not miss such a salient point. I am not going to listen to the entirety of your own podcast to see whether I missed it there but wanted to acknowledge my misjudgment. Again, my apologies.

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