Episode 227 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Halloween Horror – Vancouver v Seattle postgame, Jake Nerwinski, Pa Modou Kah)

Episode 227 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Halloween Horror – Vancouver v Seattle postgame, Jake Nerwinski, Pa Modou Kah)

Maybe it’s fitting that for our Halloween show Vancouver Whitecaps and Seattle Sounders served up a horrific game of football at BC Place on Sunday night.

We pick over the dead carcass of that match, talk about the very brief highlights and standout players, and hear from both head coaches, Carl Robinson and Brian Schmetzer.

With that first leg thankfully laid to rest, we look ahead to part two on Thursday. How will both teams set up? Can it get any worse than Sunday? And do the ‘Caps have a realistic chance of doing the business once again on the road when no-one expects it?

And to lighten the mood, Pa Modou Kah recites Vincent Price’s part from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Jake Nerwinksi talks favourite Halloween costumes, and James make a very welcome return to our Wavelength feature.

Here’s the full episode rundown:

02.30: Vancouver v Seattle review and analysis
17.08: Carl Robinson and Mr Garrison postgame audio
26.20: Pa Modou Kah’s Thriller
32.17: Vancouver v Seattle player and referee performances
53.02: Seattle v Vancouver – second leg preview and playoff format
68.10: Hey Halloween with Jake Nerwinski
76.46: The other MLS Playoff matches
85.20: BC Soccerweb headlines
93.59: Wavelength – James

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Greg Petrie at 09:37

    Having heard Robinson’s post game comments about “learning from 2015”, I think he learned the wrong lesson. He seems to have learned that 0-0 at home is ok in the first leg, and that’s why the result this year is good. But my feeling is the lesson he should have learned was: exploit your opponents weakness. In 2015, Portland was playing on short rest in game #1 and the Whitecaps didn’t take advantage of that at all. They really didn’t challenge Portland or make them work, and it came back to bite them in game #2. This year, Seattle was playing without Dempsey in game #1. This should have been the game the Whitecaps attacked more, since they had one fewer option to worry about defending. Instead, they played it too safe and now they not only have even more options to worry about defending, they have to do so while trying to score at least once. I feel like he’s really set them up for failure.

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