Episode 228 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Season’s End)

Episode 228 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Season’s End)

Vancouver Whitecaps’ season is over. Fizzling out with a whimper, and not a bang in sight. One shot on target over two matches against Seattle Sounders is inexcusable, but that’s what we got. Now, the post mortem.

Just what went wrong? Why were they so impotent? And what now for the Whitecaps? We look at all that and a lot more, pondering the way forward for Vancouver, Fredy Montero’s future, and which players should be kept around for next season.

Plus there’s still time to look over the other MLS semi-finals and Chumbawamba make their Wavelength debut.

Here’s the full episode rundown:

02.56: Seattle v Vancouver post mortem
29.34: The season’s over, what now?
45.40: Fredy Montero’s future
51.20: What do Whitecaps need to reach next level?
56.27: Whitecaps players In/Out/On The Bubble
87.45: The other MLS semi-finals
100.40: BC Soccerweb headlines
112.28: Wavelength – Chumbawamba

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Mattock at 15:32

    Really enjoyed that, I thought Chris -so cynical, surely soon to be ousted from the optimists union – added to the show.

    I do have one quibble (only one you say?) is that knowing the direction- topics to be discussed- of the show, easy access to the facts in real time, Sgt Joe Friday should be present – Dempsey is on $3.9 million, not $6-8 million, in fact I believe that Seattle only outspent the Caps by $2.2 million. deJong is on $140,000, and after the shift he put in with the Caps and Nats since July, – the Impact could use a leftback -I think he should be able to wangle at least $175,000 to come back – or move on, even if he has to U-Haul the whole clan back East.

    It was mentioned that Robbo did the best with what he had – the money ran out – but it could also be a case of his coaching limitations – NYCFC had almost a $11 million advantage over the Crew and Portland had double the payroll of Houston. I believe Chris was trying to suggest that Robbo may not be able to evolve quickly enough to keep the fans happy.

    You can applaud Robbo as a recruiter, but also be puzzled – there isn’t necessarily rhyme or reason, he seems to get players without scouting them and getting a late heads up from Morales for Montero – he should have know – narrowed it down- who he wanted up front when Rivero was out on the way out the door – and we end up with Barnes, Shea.

    I would transfer Laba to Racing for $75,000 and a healthy chunk of change if he plays 20 matches or is moved on – time to get him off the books and let him stay at home. If the $800,000 in additional TAM is coming, Caps about to clear some serious cap space , we should be able to afford 4-5 quality starters coming into the team.I think like in many cap leagues, the guys like Tchani are going to get squeezed out. Hell, it makes sense to make Waston a TAM player – lower his cap hit and make him happy to stick around.Good show.

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