Episode 241 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Kicker Conspiracy with Carl Robinson and David Edgar)

Episode 241 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Kicker Conspiracy with Carl Robinson and David Edgar)

Vancouver Whitecaps are back at it. Preseason camp is officially underway and it’s been a pretty intense and competitive first week.

We look at the big talking points from week one – who’s stood out, who’s battling for spots, and who looks like they might not want to unpack their suitcases.

We sit down with ‘Caps coach Carl Robinson for our fifth annual offseason in-depth discussion as we look at the year just past, how the new season might play out, the demise of WFC2, the role of John Park, the possibility of new additions, whether the ‘Caps can compete in the big spending MLS, and more.

We also chat with a player who finds himself in a unique position after more than 10 years in the pro game, as Canadian international David Edgar battles to earn a contract after missing all of last year through injury. We chat about all that, the appointment of John Herdman as new Canadian men’s national team coach, and the exciting launch of the Canadian Premier League.

All this and we look at the big stories in Major League Soccer this week, play another round of trivia, and pay tribute to a Wavelength favourite – the Fall’s Mark E Smith, who sadly died last week.

Here’s the full episode rundown of the main segments:

04.02: Whitecaps News of the Week
10.26: David Edgar interview and discussion
24.11: Carl Robinson interview and discussion – Part One
53.59: Trivia Time!
73.17: Carl Robinson interview and discussion – Part Two
100.41: BC Soccerweb headlines
112.20: Wavelength – The Fall – Kicker Conspiracy

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Mattock at 14:29

    How far down does one have to sink, acknowledge their addiction for the Caps ,to actually endure, listen to Robbo’s entire interview that you conducted? I’m beginning to wonder if there is validity to my “accidental ” reading (it was a continual search – mainly in vain – for the good bits) of Russell Brand’s recent effort ” Recovery” – an ode to the cup of coffee and spilling out their sins, the 12 step program – it suddenly has an appeal.

    Excluding their snub on the national tv schedule, I don’t buy the notion that the Caps are the Rodney Dangerfield of the league- the major writers covering MLS all love coming to Van, the team has gotten good reviews,coverage in the past – hell, MLSsoccer.com are even willing to publish your efforts!

    I was pondering if you needed a Red Bull to maintain awareness, brain function with Robbo’s familiar, avoiding the issues, long responses – but when you asked about Atlanta, he went on a lengthy , hyper blab fest that included the kitchen sink but not a single coherent bit about the Caps current budget.

    There was one humourous, truthful moment, when you brought up the style of play, and he seemed to slag Wenger not winning the league title recently, asking would the fans endure a free flowing, losing every game 4-3….over the current ” we might wake up in the second half” predominant play of last year – I vote yes! Then he finally gave – an obvious- truthful response regarding the bottom line- that should that occur, he and his staff would be out of a job (just thinking of himself eh-disgraceful.)

    Robbo’s made millions from his 20+ years in the game so I seriously doubt his family would be on the street should he be canned – I actually think – after his one appearance on TSN as a commentator – he has a promising career in that field.

    You have a high regard for Robbo – that’s evident – and I wouldn’t be surprised ( perhaps a bit) if you started an on-line petition to make him Cap gaffer for life. You strongly suggested that it was heroic in achieving his results with the budget he has – yes, I believe the Caps have been slipping a spot a year recently – but the team seems to finish roughly at their level of wage spending – 9th in the league last year.

    Away from the numbers, suggests a look past the scoreline, stats etc…but when you open your interview with ” you know and I know that it’s victory at any cost…” perhaps you could consider – should a name change ever be desired – (cheap shot alert) ” the enablers.” You almost suggest that there is a divide from those who know football (predominately from the old country) against what you seem to suggest the majority of the casuals who are there for a laugh and a giggle., strictly to be entertained,

    Robbo brought up, praised Porter after he dismissed Wenger – but the Timbers had put a tough 120+ minutes + against SKC days before the Caps strolled in ’15 -yes we also had the game against San Jose last year but that was a stroll in the park in comparison. Park the bus if it was full strength TFC coming into town, but a weakened Sounders? You get 27,000 fans in your house who shelled out decent coin, you try to score. We were the worst team, butt of jokes of the final 8 – Robbo can spin it anyway he wants but…

    OK, that’s enough, on risking sounding repetitive – for the fulsome praise I generously sprinkled above – love your show, thanks.

  2. Michael McColl Author at 23:24

    Cheers Mattock. Always appreciate hearing your view on this kind of stuff.

    New managers like Robbo, and John Herdman, certainly seem skilled at giving those long answers yet saying little. I genuinely think it’s part of their coaching training. I felt he was being honest and genuine. There’s just some things he simply won’t go on record and say, and no matter how many times you might ask him, he’s not suddenly going to drop the mask and blurt out stuff like “yeah our player budget is terrible compared to the rest of the league”.

    I do feel a lot of how people view matches is down to things like age and culture. Those brought up on a diet of Premier League football aren’t content to watch “Robboball” ( we actually discussed that phrase after we finished recording). They do want to be entertained. I’m used to lower league football of a poor standard where you’re just happy getting a win any way you can and if you don;t it ruins your whole weekend.

    Now winning and entertaining certainly shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, but it baffles me that anyone would want to go along and watch their team lose, as long as they’re entertained.

    Just as a final aside, the original name Away From The Numbers was meant in terms of being away from the big crowds, and not stats related. I actually love stats!

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