Festive Fun: Six Soccer Sums

Festive Fun: Six Soccer Sums

We had to take a couple of days off our Festive Fun feature unfortunately due to a lack of time, but we’re back today with a puzzle that will test both your Whitecaps knowledge and math skills.

Today’s puzzle needs solved in two parts.

Below are 12 clues to the numbers required to solve six sums. The questions span the history of Vancouver Whitecaps from their formation to the present day, encompassing the NASL, USL, and MLS eras, along with the 86ers.

Once you’ve got the answer to the clues, you’ll have 12 numbers, each of which can be placed into one of the six sums below to give you the correct solution to that particular sum. Each number can only be used once, but numbers could fit more than one sum.

There is only one correct solution that will allow you to complete all six sums. That answer is at the end if you are stuck. Good luck and happy puzzling!



Bobby Lenarduzzi’s retired jersey number

Carl Valentine’s NASL shirt number

The minute of Eric Hassli’s wonder goal in Seattle in 2011

The number of Canadian Soccer League championships won by Vancouver 86ers

The number of goals Camilo scored to win the MLS Golden Boot in 2013

The number of head coaches (official and interim) in the Whitecaps MLS era

The number of times the Whitecaps have won the Cascadia Cup

The number of Whitecaps goals scored by club record goalscorer Dominic Mobilio

The number of the player who scored both Whitecaps goals in the 1979 Soccer Bowl

The year of the Whitecaps only Voyageurs Cup win

The year of Vancouver 86ers first competitive match

Vancouver Whitecaps first season of play



(1) ? / ? = 2

(2) ? – ? = 3

(3) ? + ? = 8

(4) ? + ? = 27

(5) ? – ? = 28

(6) ? / ? = 94



(1) Dominic Mobilio’s goals (170) divided by the minute Eric Hassli scored in Seattle (85) = 2

(2) Trevor Whymark’s shirt number (9) minus Cascadia Cup wins (6) = 3

(3) Whitecaps MLS head coaches (4) plus number of CSL championships (4) = 8

(4) Camilo’s Golden Boot goals (22) plus Lenarduzzi’s retired shirt number (5) = 27

(5) Year of V Cup win (2015) minus Year of 86ers first game (1987) = 28

(6) Whitecaps first year of play (1974) divided by Carl Valentine’s NASL shirt number (21) = 94

Authored by: Michael McColl

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