Friendly Announcements Don’t Light My Fire

“Impact to play AC Milan at Olympic Stadium” was the dramatic headline in today’s Globe and Mail.

It was also announced that Montreal were to take on another Serie A side, Fiorentina, ten days before the Milan fixture.

At first glance it was impressive news, then when you saw the dates and looked that little bit deeper, you realised that it wasn’t that exciting after all.

With the World Cup just days away both the Italian sides will be bereft of their main, big name talent. In fact, it’s hard to list any big name Milan players that are likely to be there off the top of my head.

Are football fans in this country really so starved of seeing big name teams that they’re happy putting up with any crap that comes along their way?

I was disappointed last season when the Everton friendly with the Caps fell through. Less so that there were no friendlies at all for us over the course of the season. The Everton game would have been a good team coming to Swangard. A worthwhile friendly for both teams and the fans.

I’m not a fan of friendlies at the best of times. Competitive games are what excite me and it always has been that way. It’s probably why my wife hates playing me at anything. Can’t play for fun!

If the Caps don’t get a “name” friendly this season again, then I really couldn’t care less. It’s a distraction to the season more than anything. Why Montreal would want to play a pointless friendly against a weak side just three days before they face the Caps in what could be a vital Canadian Championship game is a complete mystery to me. Maybe they plan to just lie down against us this year like they did with TFC last time around.

If I was given the choice of watching a bunch of unknown players play for a big name side or a pretty much full strength English Championship or League One side, I’d pick the latter every time.

I can’t see how friendlies like these two actually help the game in Canada. Maybe the Impact fans are just very easily pleased.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Jeremy at 14:41

    Saputo has secured in the game contract the presence of a few Milan big names, so expect to see some of them there… But as a fan I am disappointed that they have to jeopardize the VCup performance by fitting in a friendly.

    And I bet people will still not take canadian soccer seriously at the end.

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