From Aways: A HFX Wanderers Podcast (Ep 12 – Gary’s In Goal)

From Aways: A HFX Wanderers Podcast (Ep 12 – Gary’s In Goal)

AFTN’s HFX Wanderers correspondent, Gary Griffiths is back with Episode 12 of his Wanderers and Canadian Premier League podcast over on his From Aways blog. Hosted by Glen Merkley and featuring Alex Sheppard along with Gary, the podcast talks about all things HFX Wanderers FC, with a good splattering of general CPL chat thrown in as well.

The lads are finally back from an accidental hiatus, and they’ve left themselves in a real mess. Glen is off in BC so Alex and Gary have the unenviable task of taking you through the seven (7!!!!) matches that have been played since we last went to air. We also have a listen to some clips from Stephen Hart and Christian Oxner, and we’ll answer a hatful of your questions!

The podcast theme is provided by Chris Rayner of Nomadic Homes.

You can listen to the episode on:




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Authored by: Michael McColl

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