Inside The Box: Who Doesn’t Love A Free Moustache Ride?

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As scary as it may seem, we’re officially in the final month of 2011. That’s right, friends, December is upon us. Don’t be alarmed though, that sound you’ve been hearing in the air isn’t the end of days, it’s the collective sigh of relief from women around the world, celebrating the end of Movember and the return of smooth upper lips on men everywhere.

I know there are many who will argue it, but unless you’re Magnum P.I., Burt Reynolds, Freddie Mercury, or my father, sporting a ‘stache is just not a good look. There are exceptions to every rule, readers, but they are EXCEPTIONS. End of story.

Now, what was the deal with the moustaches!? Well, if you were living under a rock last month, Movember is a global movement whereby men donate their faces (and the people who love/ridicule them donate money) in an effort to raise funds and awareness for the number one male cancer, prostate cancer. That’s right, as the site suggests, “these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery.”*

(*Note: It’s not every day you get to write “annals of fine moustachery” – so when you do, take a moment to celebrate it.)

Not to be left out, the MLS managed to raise almost $40,000 collectively with their network of more than 230 “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” in both the United States and Canada.

Included in this was a small contingent of Whitecaps FC staff and players growing under the team name, “Caps and Staches” as well as a number of supporters groups from around the league, including my personal favourite, the Whitecaps FC Supporters Team.

As the month of Movember drew to a close, some last minute donations helped to push the Whitecaps Supporters ahead of the WFC team itself, and wouldn’t you know it, of the entire MLS Movember network, the Whitecaps’ teams of supporters and staff were the highest ranked Canadian teams with a combined total of nearly $12,000!

With the MLS regular season ending in October, and no playoffs in sight for my beloved Caps, it was nice to see the MLS continuing to bring players, supporters and communities together even though many of their teams (okay, maybe just MY team) were no longer taking to the field.

The Whitecaps even went so far as to send Carl Valentine, WFC legend-turned-news correspondent, out in the field to interview Caps CEO Paul Barber, Club President Bob Lenarduzzi and several dedicated Whitecaps supporters on the delicate art of moustache maintenance.

If you missed the videos the first time around (for shame!) you can see Valentine with Barber and Lenarduzzi HERE and with the supporters HERE.

So if you didn’t “‘mo up” this year, definitely think about it when Movember 2012 rolls around.

It’s a great cause, it’s hilarious for those around you and hey, moustaches are cool…in an ironic, if only you were a porn star in the 70’s, kinda way.

Until then, gentlemen, consider yourself warned – if you continue to offer “free moustache rides” in December, you will no longer be given the benefit of the doubt in the name of charity. Remember, what was once November’s Movember Champion quickly turns into December’s paedophilic creeper.

Wendy Jo

Despite lacking a Y-Chromosome, Wendy Jo has had a long-standing love affair with sports. Raised on NFL, but always a fan of “real” football, Wendy’s an avid supporter of the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Seattle Seahawks, so in other words: she’s used to disappointment. Not just your typical over-caffeinated Vancouverite, when she’s not watching, writing or tweeting about sports, Wendy spends her time preparing for the zombie apocalypse, baking cupcakes, sampling micro-brews, and fawning over the latest technology…say what you will, she’s proudly Blue & White, all the way. You can read Wendy’s “Inside The Box” column on the first Wednesday of each month on AFTN.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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