No Goals Doesn’t Mean No Fun

The USL season has finally kicked into gear after what seemed like one hell of a long close season.

After all the buzz about MLS 2011, it was nice to get back to watching some live football once again that didn’t involve me walking my dog around a park watching whatever teams happened to be playing there that week.

Even a 0-0 scoreline couldn’t dampen the spirits. The Vancouver Whitecaps have a lot of injuries at the moment and it’s early days, but let’s hope for some better finishing and some more attacking flair or we may not be seeing back to back Championships.

If the action on the pitch didn’t exactly set the heather on fire, the atmosphere off it, and in particular the smoke bombs in the Southside, certainly did!

The Southsiders were on top form and I was hoarse when I woke up this morning. How much of that was due to the singing and how much of that was due to the smoke I’m not sure.

The atmosphere in the Southside is just getting better each game and for anyone who decides to head over to Vancouver to take in a game, this is the place to be.

The passion and love for the game and the team is great to see and if more football sceptics could see groups like this and others in action then they’d soon realise what the sports pages should be reporting on in the US and Canada.

Maybe it’s nice to just have it as our own little secret though.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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