Southsiders Set Up Player Fine Fund

There’s a lot of things in the modern game that infuriates the fans. Players being booked for celebrating goals is one of the major ones for me and many others.

Eric Hassli’s sending off the other night has prompted much debate. What the majority of us agree upon is that it was an act of stupidity on Hassli’s part when he was already on a yellow. Fifa’s rules should be known to everyone by now.

Under Law 12 of the game (Fouls and Misconduct), it is clearly stated “A player who removes his jersey after scoring a goal will be cautioned for unsporting behaviour”.

I’ll never be in the position where I score a goal in a professional game. I can only imagine the emotions that would go through me and the joy from celebrating in front of my own fans.

Fifa’s clamping down on that emotion and natural joy has angered me for years. Really, if a player is celebrating with his own fans, whether it be jumping in with them briefly or taking his shirt off, what harm is there?

If it’s overly long and delays the game, or had some advertising message, or incites the opposition fans like Man City’s Adebayor running the full length of the pitch to taunt the Arsenal fans, then that’s a whole different matter.

An additional part of this section of Law 12 goes on to state:

“Removing one’s shirt after scoring is unnecessary and players should avoid such excessive displays of joy”

Excessive joy? WTF. The FIFA guys must be a barrel of laughs to be out with.

Frankly I’m sick of it. Let players enjoy their moment.

It would seem that I’m not alone in having enough of this ridiculous rule. Spurred on by Hassli’s second booking on Wednesday evening, Vancouver’s Southsiders have set up a “Players Fine Fund” to pay for fines levied by MLS for celebrations.

Any fines levied by the Whitecaps, such as the one they gave Hassli for his dismissal, are not covered by the fund.

The Southsiders will present the money to the players and it will then be up to them if they choose to use it to pay their fines or donate it to a charity.

Obviously none of this helps to rescind or prevent the celebrating Caps players from getting yellow cards, red cards and suspensions.

Not everyone is behind the scheme, with some citing the fact that players salaries, especially a DP like Hassli, are way above what they are earning, all players know the rules and they can put their money to a better use.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea but probably won’t be putting my own money in to it. It is a nice stand against the ridiculousness of the whole situation though.

If anyone wants to donate to the fund, then you can find all the details HERE.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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