Timewasting: MLS Back Catalogue – Pink Floyd

Timewasting: MLS Back Catalogue – Pink Floyd

It’s time for another “MLS Back Catalogue”.

In this feature, AFTN revisits artists’ discographies, authors’ bibliographies and different genres of music, books and films, all re-imagined with the current and recent players and managers of Major League Soccer.

And it’s all done in a full ‘Top of the Pops’ style top ten countdown.

On November 30th 1979, another one of our all-time favourite albums was released – Pink Floyd’s seminal double album “The Wall”.

With this in mind, sit back, zone out and enjoy today’s MLS Back Catalogue from Pink Floyd….


(10) Wish Ugo Ihemelu Were Here

(9) Not Now John Thorrington

(8) Young-Pyo Lee Lust

(7) Alan Gordon’s Psychedelic Breakfast

(6) Lucifer Sam Cronin

(5) Atom Soehn Heart Mother

(4) Astronomy Domine Oduro

(3) Run Like Jeremy Hall

(2) See Emilio Renteria Play

(1) Another Brick In The Tyson Wahl

Authored by: Michael McColl

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