Timewasting: MLS Team Of The Week #25 – Star Wars XI

Timewasting: MLS Team Of The Week #25 – Star Wars XI

Whenever we feel like doing it, we think of a subject for a football team to be based around, then fill it with our starting eleven of current and recent MLS players with some appropriate name changes, or even better, just as is.
Your scouting job is to come up with the subs bench, from any player from around the world, and leave your player suggestions in the comments section.

Since today is Star Wars Day, we couldn’t let that pass without doing a “Stars Wars XI” and we’ve even brought a special MLS legend out of retirement to manage this one.

GK: Tyler Vaderic (Houston Dynamo)

D : Lee Young-C3-Pyo (Vancouver Whitecaps)
D : Bryan Maul (Los Angeles Galaxy)
D : Sith Sinovic (Sporting KC)
D : Jar Jar Benitez (Dallas)

M : Dagobah Kobayashi (Vancouver Whitecaps)
M : Rafael Chewbaca (San Jose Earthquakes)
M : Kenney Skywalker (Los Angeles Galaxy)

M : Amobi Ewokugo (Philadelphia Union)

F : Jedi Johnson (Seattle Sounders)
F : Millennium Falconor Casey (Philadelphia Union)

MANAGER : Cobi-wan Kenobi Jones (ex Los Angeles Galaxy)

The team name would have to be Los Angeles In A Galaxy Far Far Away FC, with home games played at the Empire Strikes Back Stadium in Vancouver.

May the fourth be with them.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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