Timewasting: Top Ten Alternative Features In Vancouver Whitecaps Hall Of Fame

Timewasting: Top Ten Alternative Features In Vancouver Whitecaps Hall Of Fame

Halls of Fame are the big rage in sports over here.

Paying tribute to those who helped and excelled at your club or in the sport.

I love them, and especially all the interactive exhibits that you find all over the place at somewhere like the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto.

So that got us thinking.

We have the BC Sports Hall Of Fame here, but the Whitecaps should have their own one.

It would be a lot easier if we had a stadium to call our own, so for now it will just exist in the minds of AFTN. Always a dangerous place to be.

We all know the players we’d like to have in there, but what kind of alternative features, entertainment and interactive exhibits could we find inside?

AFTN brings you our “Top Ten Alternative Features In Vancouver Whitecaps Hall Of Fame”. What would you add…

(10) Eric Hassli’s Military Tattoo – What box will you open? Will you have to endure a pipe band or a needle? Either way your ears may never be the same again.

(9) The Wesley Charles Boxing Simulator – Never forget our madcap mofo.

(8) Play John Thorrington’s “Operation” – The fun game where you never know what you’ll have to operate on next.

(7) Willie Johnston’s empty pill box collection. One for the oldies and the Scots.

(6) The Piltdownman Kissing Booth – Vancouver Southsiders VP always has a warm welcome for visitors.

(5) The “Going Down With Camilo” Ride – Ladies only!

(4) The Bouncy Jason Jordan – Fun for all the family, with a free pie to all who enter.

(3) Display case of Baldomero Toldeo’s white sticks.

(2) “Ride The Wave” – The Whitecaps state of the art water rollercoaster takes you to highs and lows, but watch for Pauly Pirhana and Soehnny Shark dragging you under.

(1) Exit through the gift shop and don’t forget to pick up your Peter Vagenas lollipop on the way out. Lick the Vag!

Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Piltdownman7 at 23:48

    Wow, not enough that shots are being fired at me from comments in my article, bit it's in now the body of yours :p

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