Vancouver Whitecaps v Colorado Rapids – Another Heartbreaking Story In Pictures

Vancouver Whitecaps v Colorado Rapids – Another Heartbreaking Story In Pictures

Whenever someone starts the “Ban Stoppage Time” petition, sign us up.

Another game, another goal conceded at the death. It’s not been a great couple of week for Vancouver Whitecaps.

It’s not that we deserved to win the game, we clearly didn’t and likely didn’t even deserve to get a point, but you have to wonder what coming so close, only to see it ripped away once again due to a preventable goal, will do to this team’s already knocked mentality.

Scoring two goals against a team that had only given up 11 goals all season was excellent but after Kendall Waston’s header had given the ‘Caps a 1-0 half time lead, you always felt the high flying Rapids were going to come storming back after the break, and they did.

It was the Kevin Doyle and Shkëlzen Gashi show after half time, and Doyle brought the Rapids level and as they pushed, it looked like Colorado was the only team going to win this one.

Then Eric Miller got sent off, the ‘Caps started playing again and it looked like Cristian Techera’s penalty three minutes from time had brought home the bacon, but there was still time for Thunder Bay Chill alumni Axel Sjoberg to head home a 95th minute equaliser and silence BC Place for the second game running.

AFTN photographer Tom Ewasiuk was there to capture all the action before, during and after the game and here’s his “Story In Pictures”, with a full Flickr slideshow at the end.

[Also check out Tom’s website for more of his photos and work].

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (1)

I don’t know why this photo makes me smile so much!

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (4)

The Southsiders march to the battlefield

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (25)

Vancouver Whitecaps starting XI

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (36)

Ten minutes in, Christian Bolanos makes room and whips a cross into the box

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (38)

Which is met by his Costa Rican teammate Kendall Waston

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (40)

Who powerfully headed home the opener

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (46)

It’s been a tough few weeks for Kendall and the relief was clear

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (60)

At the other end, David Ousted comes up with the first of several big stops on the night

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (73)

The beginning of the end of Kekuta Manneh’s night

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (77)

Moments later he was flat on his back in pain

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (78)

Finally limping off two minutes before half time

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (83)

Tim bits

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (90)

This just looks like a painful mangling of legs

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (97)

As the hour mark approach Kevin Doyle is played in

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (99)

And the Irishman clinically finishes past David Ousted

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (100)


VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (103)

It nearly gets worse for the ‘Caps minutes later but Kendall Waston brilliantly clears off the line

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (114)

The turning point, or so we thought, as Eric Miller goes through Pedro Morales in the 71st minute

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (115)

Bringing out a straight red from referee Allan Chapman

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (119)

The ‘Caps sense blood and Tim Parker heads narrowly over

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (124)

Then with three minutes remaining, Cristian Techera is pulled back in the box and goes down – Penalty!

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (126)

Makers, takers as Cristian Techera takes the spot kick

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (127)

And buries it high into the net to give the ‘Caps a 2-1 lead in the 87th minute

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (129)

His first goal of the season brings joy both on and off the pitch

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (138)

But that’s not the Whitecaps way this season and five minutes into stoppage time a high ball into the box cause problems

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (140)

Finding Axel Sjoberg at the back post and he heads home the dramatic late equaliser, leaving the ‘Caps floored

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (142)

But the Rapids in heaven as they extend their unbeaten run to 13 games

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (145)

Albanians in attendance mob their hero Gashi

VWFC-Colorado - Jul 2016 (149)

Surely the MLS Coach of the Year

You can see all of Tom’s photos from the game HERE and in our full Flickr slideshow below:

Authored by: Michael McColl

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