VISL Jackson Cup first round devoid of shocks

VISL Jackson Cup first round devoid of shocks

For the first time in a very long time, the report for the past weekend of Vancouver Island Soccer League (VISL) action has no surprises.

All the teams that SHOULD have won (according to standings) did, but of course some scores were a lot closer than one would expect.

Overall, the Division 2 teams (and lower seeds) represented themselves very well, but all failed to pull off a cupset and advance.

Here is the top half of the draw, and the results. (Note the number in brackets signifies the division the team is in):


Most results went without any surprise.

Gorge (D1) saw off Nanaimo (D2) 2-0. Powell River (D1) thumped JDF (D2) 6-0. Lakehill (D1) defeating Westcastle (D1) by the slim margin of 1-0 was surprising, but the biggest wow moment came from Lakehill (D2) as they almost took Nanaimo (D1) to extra time but went down 2-1 after a goal in the 90th minute saved the day for the second highest ranked team in the tournament.

Here is how the bottom half of the draw played out:

The only little curveball – Comox vs Campbell River did not happen because of the snow. It will get played this Thursday.

From the matches that were played, Cowichan (D1) snuck by Gorge (D2), who were defending a lot in the game, 2-1. Vic West (D1) handled JDF (D1) 3-0, scoring two goals later in the match to open up a very tightly contested affair. And Bays (D1) beat Prospect Lake (D2) 3-1, scoring two goals very late to prevent the game from going to extra time as well.

The quarter finals will be happening this weekend, with just the one fixture to get played to see who will face Cowichan (D1).

While all were very happy to be playing soccer and enjoying freedoms, there was a certain hush compared to the usual excitement. Like many, we are all shocked what is happening across the world. All soccer players and organizations are hoping that what is happening in the Ukraine will end very soon.

You can find all the latest results, standings, and fixtures across all of the VISL divisions at

Thanks for supporting local grassroots soccer, and people in your community.

Authored by: Vince Greco

VISL Executive Director

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