Welcome To Away From The Numbers – Canadian Edition

Welcome To Away From The Numbers – Canadian Edition

AFTN has now officially gone global.

Away From The Numbers started life as a printed football fanzine in Scotland in August 1989. It is now the main unofficial website, blog and web presence dedicated to East Fife Football Club. Check us out our main website at: www.aftn.co.uk and our other daily general football blog at aftnwebsite.blogspot.com.

AFTN is now active on both sides of the Atlantic and AFTN Canada is going to be a website, blog and fanzine dedicated to following Vancouver Whitecaps FC and football with a North American flavour.

Some posts will appear in both the general AFTN Blog and here as well, if we feel the content merits that and initially we will be doing that to build up readership.

Things we see, things we hear, things that have made us cheer, things that have broken our hearts and things that we just want to get off our chest. As our logo says, football is always in our thoughts so this blog will be about everything and anything.

It will be adult oriented and will feature strong language throughout, along with plenty of bile and material vile.

If you’re easily offended or a minor then we recommend that you do not read or follow us. You have been warned and if you want to get offended after this warning then tough titties.

To the rest of you, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride, for even we do not know where it’s going.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting it together.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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