Bring On The Major League

“Bring on the Major Leagues
Bring on the Major Leagues
Bring on the Major Leagues
Bring on the Major Leagues”

You can’t beat a bit of Pavement!

Well, it’s all official now. We’ve hoped and expected it for weeks but it’s nice when it’s all signed , sealed and delivered. Vancouver will host a MLS team from 2011.

Hopefully that team will be the Vancouver Whitecaps. I say hopefully as the Club have to go through the formality of market research apparently to see if that’s the name they’ll go forward with when everyone knows that will be the final picked option!

Seems like a waste of money that could be better spent in my opinion but hey, let’s not let any small gripe take the shine of what is wonderful news.

Vancouver has an amazing footballing legacy. The Vancouver Whitecaps are the longest continuing football team in North America. This year they will celebrate their 35th year anniversary so a fitting time to return the team to the big show.

Once the news was announced yesterday the reaction has been nearly 100% positive. You’ll always get a few snipers, usually those that don’t “get” the sport or those that are jealous that their own sports team is an underperformer, success starved entity. The news was carried as the lead story on yesterday’s news bulletins and the front page of today’s papers.

The Club have handled the announcement very professionally and threw a celebratory party for season ticket holders last night with free t-shirts, badges, drinks and appetisers flowing freely for those present.

It’s great to see the passion amongst the fans and what the announcement means to them. It’s almost like legitimising their choice to follow a great sport. It shouldn’t have to be like that but it is. The Club announced that their phones have been ringing off the hook with people keen to ensure season tickets and be part of it all.

The Club will be playing at a renovated BC Place. A capacity of 20,000 should see a season ticket limit set at 14,000. Very similar to Toronto FC and they have a waiting list of 13,000. The demand is going to be phenomenal and it’s a great time to be a football fan in the city.

Although the printed media are onside at the moment, once the Whitecaps current USL season starts it’s going to be a struggle for them to gain the column inches yet again so it’s important for all connected with the Whitecaps to keep the interest and enthusiasm alive.

Considering the new MLS season kicks off today and not one TV station in Vancouver is carrying the game, it’s going to be a long slog ahead but it’s a battle worth winning. One day football will be THE talked about sport in Vancouver. That’s my dream and it’s up to all of us to make that happen.

You can find out more about Vancouver’s plans and bid at the official website:

Bring on the Major Leagues indeed.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Krammerhead at 06:37

    The renovated BC Place configuration for the Whitecaps is supposed to be 22,000. My guess is with the interest they'll probably remove the curtain they plan to have at one end which at the most would add another 5,000 seats.

    By the way I my Swangard South site has been reborn:

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