WFC2 v Portland Timbers 2 – The Sad And Soggy Story In Pictures

WFC2 v Portland Timbers 2 – The Sad And Soggy Story In Pictures

It’s not been a great few weeks for Cascadian derbies at either MLS or USL levels, and it was another afternoon to quickly forget for Vancouver Whitecaps 2 as they played their final game at Langley’s McLeod Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

It was miserable conditions and a miserable result as the young ‘Caps did something only two other teams have done all year – lost to a Portland Timbers side that has struggled all season long.

The Timbers ended an eight match losing streak, and recorded their first win since July 29th, with a 1-0 win over a Whitecaps side that had their chances to both take not only a point, but to win the match. Victor Arboleda’s 67th minute poke home was the difference between the two sides in the end, as Vancouver outshot and outpossessed the visitors but couldn’t find the breakthrough of their own.

Only two games to go and the season will be over. I’m sure that’s going to be both a blessing and a relief for everyone.

AFTN photographer Tom Ewasiuk was there to capture all the action before, during and after the game. Here’s his “Story In Pictures”, with a full Flickr slideshow at the end.

[Also check out Tom’s website for more of his photos and work].

Spike always gets nervous at this time of year with Thanksgiving around the corner

Your WFC2 starting XI – at least Deklan looks happy to be here

As all good (and bad) Cascadian derbies should be, it was full on challenges from the start – 36 fouls between them in this one

Myer Bevan can’t get the better of Portland keeper Kendall McIntosh, which was to be the story of the afternoon for all the young ‘Caps

His Kiwi counterpart Deklan Wynne sent a low ball across goal, but there was no takers

737 officially in attendance for the last ever WFC2 match in Langley

David Norman tried to fire the ‘Caps in the lead and hit a stunning 30 plus yard free kick in the 64th minute, which Chris Serban nearly put away the rebound on after Kendall McIntosh saved it

Portland started to turn up the pressure though three minutes later, as the conditions worsened

Causing a scramble in the Whitecaps defence

The ball came loose and Victor Arboleda eventually poked it home

To give the Timbers a surprise 1-0 67th minute lead and what proved to be the match winner

Let the bodies hit the floor

David Norman again tried to make things happen, setting up Gloire Amanda with ten minutes remaining but Kendall McIntosh again came up bit to deny the ‘Caps

That feeling when you know it’s not going to be your day and you’re soaked through

Spencer Richey produced a fine late double save to keep the game at 1-0

And that was how it was to end. A miserable last result in Langley on a miserable afternoon weatherwise in a miserable season for WFC2

David Norman was our WFC2 Man of the Match for this one

You can see all of Tom’s photos from the game HERE and in our full Flickr slideshow below:

Authored by: Michael McColl

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