A Demand For All Seasons

The first 5,000 deposits for the Vancouver Whitecaps MLS season tickets have now sold out and in under 48 hours, with none of those 5,000 including current season ticket holders who are already guaranteed their tickets without having to pay a deposit. There’s going to be a 16,500 cap on the amount of season tickets they will sell in their first year and I think it’s already safe to say that that’s going to be reached in no time.

It’s been a phenomenal success and when you consider that Toronto FC (the team held up as the model for all future MLS expansion teams) took months to reach this level, it’s all the more impressive.

With the Whitecaps current season due to start next month it should also see a knock on effect on their USL games for the next two years. I would be expecting to see near sell outs in their approx 5,500 current home at Swangard Stadium and should see the key supporters group, the Southsiders, grow as well.

“We’re here, we’re there, we are the atmosphere, Southsiders, Southsiders” is one of our chants and this is so true. Without the Southsiders, watching football in the city at the moment would have a lunar atmosphere and be as exciting as watching paint dry, as the sweetie rustlers and soccer mums would be all that you would have. You can see some Southside action below and more on AFTN’s You Tube channel HERE.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6CbxViH3AI&hl=en&fs=1]

The Club realise the importance of the group and in the current climate of international football, this is a joy to behold.

I’ve had my fair amount of run ins with football management over the years. I’m sure most of us that are vocal have. At East Fife the Brown years, and the 2005/2006 season in particular, almost killed the Club and was close to driving away lifelong fans for the rest of their lives (you can read all about that HERE for those who don’t know all the ins and outs). Thankfully that had a happy ending. Well at least so far.

It looked liked the Southsiders and the Whitecaps were going to have some major hassles last season, but clear the air talks led the Club to realise just how important fans can be, even in North America, and the relationship is unbelievably good at present. Winning a Championship of course helps all that, but it’s continued thereafter. So much so in fact that there’s even going to be a sponsor of the section, with the best radio station in Vancouver (the Fox) coming on board.

With two years until the Caps go into the MLS, it’s important to keep the buzz and the hype constant. That’s not going to be forthcoming in the media so it’s the fans that have the biggest part to play.

It’s nice when a Club gets it.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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