Beckham Injury No Laughing Matter – But It’s Hard

There’s possibly no other player in the game today that splits opinions as much as David Beckham. We personally can’t stand the guy.

It’s not nice to wish an injury on any player we know (yes, we yell “snap the bastard” at times!), but if that injury has taken place then we don’t find it wrong to take joy in the fact that the hasbeen now looks to be out of the World Cup in South Africa in June.

Beckham is a player living on past glories. His well publicised move to the LA Galaxy has been a flop and we still feel he was out of order in seemingly trying to walk away from his commitment with the MLS side just to extend his flagging England career.

The Galaxy in turn will be furious that they have lost their player before the 2010 MLS season has even begun. A fact made worse with him injuring himself not only in Italy with AC Milan but unchallenged in the last minute of a game.

Great news for Scottish fans everywhere though! Now if only Wayne Rooney could befall the same fate!

Authored by: Michael McColl

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