Cascadia Summit Ticketing Shambles, But Whitecaps Allocation NOT Sold Out

“You don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know what you’re doing”.

That pretty much sums up how many Vancouver Whitecaps and Seattle Sounders fans felt about their team’s front offices after the ticketing shambles that developed this morning for the pre-season Cascadia Summit tournament in March.

There was much fanfare and all three Clubs championed the tournament when it was announced last month.

A few weeks later and trying to get tickets for the games has been a real pain in the ass for Seattle and Vancouver fans, with no-one owning up to responsibility as to where it all went wrong.

Vancouver fans were told that we were getting 1300 tickets for the Portland game on Saturday March 5th and 500 for the Seattle game the following day. Since then, the Whitecaps front office has been very quiet on the matter, despite tickets going on sale this morning.

Portland fans, who were promised the same ticketing allocations for their games, have had an altogether different experience with their front office. In fact, the Timbers helped the 107ist Supporters Trust secure their allocation, so that they didn’t have to go through the hassle of trying to get tickets this morning.

The Vancouver Southsiders supporters group were not able to secure group tickets before this general sale through the aid of the Whitecaps and today faced an arduous slog where they were passed from Ticketmaster to the Sounders to Starfire and then back to Ticketmaster before eventually being able to snap up just 50 tickets for the Seattle game. Portland tickets were then secured with the help of Portland’s Timbers Army. A huge thanks though to the Portland fans for making this happen.

Seattle fans had even more problems and since they’re technically hosting the tournament (since their US Open Cup games are played at Starfire), that’s even more unbelievable.

Two-game packages, seemed so few in number that they appeared not to exist. The Sounders say otherwise but that demand was so much for the Timbers game that they sold out making two game packages unavailable.

Many Sounders fans found themselves disappointed and unable to get tickets. You can bet though that a number of tickets were snapped up by clever Timbers fans, who not only secured their allocation but added to it in the free-for-all that was the general sale. It will be a real embarrassment for the Sounders if they are outnumbered by Timbers fans in their own stadium.

The way the sale was handled though throws up more pressing questions as far as I’m concerned.

Tickets are “general admission” and Ticketmaster did not specifiy whether you were buying tickets as a Sounders, Timbers or Whitecaps fan. What was the point in limiting allocations if fans could buy any amount that they wanted this way?

Since the front offices have previously expressed concerns regarding crowd trouble at the Cascadia derbies, why would the Seattle and Vancouver front offices not want to make sure that the tickets got into reputable hands. Worse case scenario, and hopefully unlikely, but these tickets could find their way into the hands of people hell bent on causing trouble and it will be the supporters groups that will be blamed for it. This could have huge implications on future ticket allocations.

Tickets have already made their way on to ebay, with one seller selling the $10 tickets for the Caps-Timbers game for $60 and $80 for the Sounders game. Incredible.

Whitecaps fans would never have taken the full 500 and 1300 allocations in the first place, so why did the Caps front office not get involved to help facilitate things early like the Timbers FO did?

Well we made some enquiries and AFTN can exclusively reveal that although the two Whitecaps games have sold out on Ticketmaster, this does NOT include the Caps ticketing allocations.

The Whitecaps are still finalising the details and should have more info available by Friday. If you’re looking at going, then I would try and get your tickets through the Southsiders first of all, but if they sell out then ask your Caps ticket rep.

We reiterate. These games are not sold out for Caps fans at present.

Why the Whitecaps have not made an official statement before now is a mystery. Now’s the time for them to do that. The Sounders front office have made TWO official statements on the fiasco now.

If only they’d kept the fans in the loop, it would have prevented a LOT of hassle this morning.

Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Anonymous at 01:53

    What Shambles. So their solution is to say that they might have a plan three days after the tickets went on sale on Ticketmaster? Is that Chicken mascot running ticketing now? Because between this and the season tickets I wouldn't doubt it.

  2. Anonymous at 06:13

    Not surprising is it really because as with the season tickets and the poor communication with that roll out. I can clearly see that no one from the Whitecaps front office took the bull by the horn and made this happen for its fans. I wish they hired someone that worked as a game day liason/ticket rep that understood what was involved in trying to ensure our fans are served both home and awya instead we the the Timbers front office showing up both clubs the Sounders and Whitecaps …. gang Wake Up ! this is luckly an exhibition series .. what will happen when the real games happen !!

  3. Anonymous at 18:42

    Only a ticketing operation as disorganized at the Whitecaps would wait until after the tickets go on sale on Ticketmaster to start planning ticket sales.

    Hope they can process these faster then peoples season tickets, because this game is in less than two months.

    A poster joked about Winger being in charge. But that would be a great improvement to what they have.

  4. Anonymous at 07:36

    From reading the Sounders forum, there's one exit in and out of the stadium. Recipe for trouble and extra reason why they should have got the ticketing issue sorted out.

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