Episode 113 – The AFTN Podcast – “There’s Still Time” (Wrapped In The Canadian Flag with Erin McLeod, Karina Leblanc, Jessie Fleming and Desiree Scott)

Episode 113 – The AFTN Podcast – “There’s Still Time” (Wrapped In The Canadian Flag with Erin McLeod, Karina Leblanc, Jessie Fleming and Desiree Scott)

The 2015 Women’s World Cup is just over a week away. Forget all the FIFA scandals for now and look forward to what football should be about, the actual action on the pitch.

So join us for the second of our special Canadian Women’s National Team pre-World Cup podcasts.

We look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian team and their opponents with the help of Harjeet Johal. Where will Canada finish? Who is going to win the whole thing? And who are the dark horses to watch out for?

We also bring you more of our fun chats with the CWNT players.

Kicking things off is goalkeeper Erin McLeod, as we delve into the mind of the player on the pitch and the artist and speaker off it.

Another goalie is next up, with Karina Leblanc the latest to spill the beans on her friends and squad member with our latest instalment of “Teammates”. You know that’s going to be radio gold.

From the oldest player on the team to the youngest! We chat with new sensation Jessie Fleming about coming into a group of players that’s been together so long, what she learned at the U20 World Cup, her plans for the future and do her teammates try and sneak her into clubs?!

We finish up our players chat with one of our faves, the Destroyer, Desiree Scott as we talk playing in England, nicknames and fish and chips!

And there’s still time to talk jam, with Emily Zurrer, Rhian Wilkinson, Allysha Chapman and Diana Matheson.

Have a listen!

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Michael McColl Author at 00:42

    Music featured in this episode is:

    “Beaver Patrol” by Pop Will Eat Itself
    “The Canadian Flag” by The Yummy Fur
    “Ladies On The Way” by Hofman
    “Away From The Numbers” by The Oh Wells
    “Letters Sent” by Half Man Half Biscuit
    “Won’t Beat Me” by Overcome
    “Teammates” by Mel Blanc
    “The Golden Age” by Yellow Dogs
    “The Destroyer Of All Things” by Blue Stahli
    “Jam” by Ivor Cutler

    You can find them all to buy on iTunes (apart from our own theme song unfortunately) and on You Tube.

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