Episode 136 – The AFTN Podcast – “There’s Still Time” (A State Of The Whitecaps Chat with Carl Robinson and Alan Koch)

Episode 136 – The AFTN Podcast – “There’s Still Time” (A State Of The Whitecaps Chat with Carl Robinson and Alan Koch)

It’s December, it’s the offseason, so that can only mean one thing – AFTN’s annual pre Christmas “State of the Whitecaps” chat with ‘Caps coach Carl Robinson.

As always, Robbo is very open and honest with us about the season past and what lies ahead for 2016 and beyond.

How busy will the ‘Caps be in the transfer market this offseason and where is Robbo looking to strengthen? How will the new TAM be used and will this see at least one more DP come to Vancouver? Where will the goals come from next year?

We cover all this and a lot more in our half hour chat, as we talk tactics and formations, the value of MLS experience, the complexities of moving players within the league, developmental pathways and find out the latest on David Ousted, Cristian Techera, Callum Irving and some other titbits.

And we also ask the big question – what would it take to tempt Robbo away from the Whitecaps right now?

As an added extra this year, we also have a chat with WFC2 head coach Alan Koch about what he’s learned from the club’s first USL season, preparations for year two, and the upcoming MLS SuperDraft.

Have a listen!

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Avatar
    Michael McColl Author at 22:34

    The music featured in this episode is:

    “Away From The Numbers” by The Oh Wells
    “String Bean Jean” by Belle and Sebastian
    “Where’s Me Jumper?” by The Sultans Of Ping FC
    “Golden Age” by The Yellow Dogs
    “Johannesburg” by The Anti-Nowhere League

  2. Avatar
    Watchme at 19:58

    Is it just me, or is there a sense of contradiction when Robinson says roughly that the club isn’t cheap, followed later by “we won’t be paying down to a contract with TAM to sign another DP”. Sorry Robbo. I like you but the club is cheap. They’ve got solid attendance and (as the club bragged when it was signed) one of the best jersey sponsorship deals in the league.

    I’m not saying the club should go out just sign an aging star player, but they also always seem to pinch penny’s when it does come to signing top talent.

  3. Avatar
    Michael McColl Author at 20:53

    Agree. Definitely a slight contradiction.

    I wanted to ask him about the cheapness aspect to get it out there. I knew he’d never be able to sit and say yes if he felt that way.

    I personally feel they are and there should be no reason not to go out and grab a striker in the $3-4 million range that is ahead of Rivero in the pecking order.

    Sure, money does not guarantee success but the chances of attracting a better quality finisher has to be increased by spending the cash.

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