Episode 162 – The AFTN Podcast (There’s Still Time, or is there? featuring Giles Barnes, Brett Levis and Spencer Richey)

Episode 162 – The AFTN Podcast (There’s Still Time, or is there? featuring Giles Barnes, Brett Levis and Spencer Richey)

Another summer, another slumping Whitecaps. I guess it’s good to have something stable in life, right?

It’s not been a good few week for Vancouver, who are now winless in their last five matches, losing their last three.

We look back at the most recent defeat, Friday night’s loss to San Jose, and ponder just where the woeful Whitecaps go from here. What’s gone wrong this year and just what has happened to last year’s strongest performers and the team’s DP’s? What changes need to be made to the team and tactics ahead of next week’s trip to KC, and is too late to save their season or is there still some hope hidden amongst the despair?

We also hear from the latest ‘Caps signing, forward Giles Barnes about what he hopes to bring to the team. We just haven’t seen it quite yet.

And with the next Champions League game coming up soon, we finish on a positive note as we chat with two guys who did well in the first CCL game in Trinidad and are both pushing hard for MLS contracts, defender Brett Levis and goalkeeper Spencer Richey.

There’s a lot of talk to be had, so have a listen.

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Greg at 19:09

    I’m not going to disagree with any of your reasons for the complacency that’s set in among key Whitecaps players, but I’ll throw in one more potential reason: a lack of pressure from below. No need to rehash here the issues with the residency program, but the fact there’s not really any young players coming through and fighting for legitimate starting time has probably allowed some of the guys to feel complacent.

    Love the Wally Buono quote I heard years ago: “It’s my job to find someone better than you. It’s your job to prove to me that I can’t.” That’s just not the feeling I get from the Whitecaps.

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