Episode 183 – The AFTN Soccer Show (The First Eleven – Biggest Moments In Whitecaps History)

Episode 183 – The AFTN Soccer Show (The First Eleven – Biggest Moments In Whitecaps History)

With Vancouver Whitecaps having a week off from MLS action, much to the relief of nearly everybody I’m sure, we thought we’d do something a little bit different for this week’s show and delve into the ‘Caps rich history, as we launch a new specially themed episode that we’re going to bring you a couple of times over the year – The First Eleven.

So what is the first eleven and do we use a double shield? We’ll pick a topic and come up with a countdown of that fits that theme, making what we feel are the most suitable selections along the way.

To kick things off we’re going to look at the top eleven ‘Biggest Moments In Whitecaps History’ spanning from 1973 to the present day. From the NASL to the CSL years to USL and into MLS. All eras are covered.

If you don’t agree with our selections, then great, we’d love to hear from you to share your placings and entries. Get in touch and have a listen.

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Mattock at 09:27

    Starting on the positive side, laughter was empathetic for your missus when you’re wearing your favourite t-shirt, and in the previous effort the crack about Hurtado’s shot flying past Bono and heading for the Joshua Tree, was a great throw away line.

    The crew on your show is fortunate to live in these enlightened times – you don’t have to trot down to the library and fire up the microfiche, thread in the Sun or the Province to verify the past….you go on the internet and there it is – for the most part – accurate information. Yet it isn’t the lack of accuracy that occasionally was heard, it was the trap that I also fall into occasionally,perhaps- a greater enthusiasm for our own glory viewing days.

    You gave short shrift for the beginning of the Caps, bypassing a few quick, entertaining bon bons you could have thrown out that would be even shorter than your own enunciated deficiency – like Bobby L ended up getting his feet under the table of the creator of Whitecaps moniker Denny Veitch, marrying his daughter. You rushed past the Vancouver Royals and their 2 seasons, just mentioning that the Sunderland was the 1967 team – but a quick check would have found 7 Scots on the team, including the now legendary Jim Baxter, Martin O’Hare and Limey Colin Todd who returned to Van for the Caps ’84 season were on the squad – I recognized 5 players from re-calling my ’70s days of reading SHOOT! and Match,

    The team returned in 1968, were independent, and a young English manager named Bobby Robson put the team together – but a new owner came in prior to the start of the season and hired the galloping major, Ferenc Puskas to take over, Robson had the option to stay on as assistant coach, but declined. An intriguing 2 years that may be worthy of further exploration.

    Soccer Bowl ’79- the lacklustre pronouncement of Allan Ball seemed an effort – that was Allan Fuckin’ Ball – David Norman recently stated how every ball went through him- even if was just for a quick pass back – even though he turned 34 that year – was great. TTP were you when seemingly puzzled about “King” Kevin Hector? The guy was a sadistic striker – he would beat a keeper by rolling the ball into the far corner were I swear it would stop a few inches after crossing the line….he messed with Keepers brain box.He was brilliant.

    I was fortunate to see “The Damned United” in a theatre – and during that great Deep Purple “Hush” montage – you could see Hector at work, watch the fattest Cap player ever – who had 30 assists in ’78- his corners were lethal – Alan Hinton , see one get by Tony Waiters.

    Tony Waiters, interviewed prior to one of the Caps matches in the inaugural MLS season,was asked how the team would fare against the ’79 Caps – he suggested it would probably end up 1-1 – but you had to factor in that the 79 Caps would be in their sixties….

    If I had to name a all-time 22 Caps all-star team, I think I would only consider 3. MLS era players – Alan Delon – excuse me, he just had an uncanny resemblance to the actor – Alan Rochat, Y P Lee and Camilo.

    And I succumb to my initial footy leg over era. Yet even acknowledging my prejudice, this effort was on par with the ’17 Caps -underwhelming- to put it kindly.Having scolded, I still look forward to every podcast.

    The show could make amends by – in the off -season – or when the current Caps are out of play-off contention (plan the shows for late August in that case) by examining the different eras of pro footy in this town. Bobby, Carl,Davd and that era clutch canuck Dale Mitchell could breathe life into playing in the NASL and CLS, maybe Alam Errington who was 17 at the time, showed up for the Royals matches. It’s a history worth exploring.

  2. Michael McColl Author at 22:33

    There was actually a couple of the things you mention that we had in the original chat (Bobby marrying, bit more on the NASL team) but had to cut them out for fitting into the radio show timeslot. Although we can overrun when we’re live, we can’t when pre-recorded.

    I didn’t feel we made it too MLS heavy though. Personally, Camilo may be the only player I’d have in an all-time Caps 22. Didn’t rate Rochat and Lee was up and down in his time here.

    My own personal knowledge of the NASL players is varied and mostly of the UK guys. Didn’t really want to wax too lyrical about something I never saw, but year. we probably should have gone into more depth with the individual talent that was here and not cut some of that out.

    Kevin Hector for example I know hardly anything about to be able to faithfully sing his praises.

    We also glossed over the Royals stuff as it was a Whitecaps only list.

    But I would like to do some more of the historical stuff. Chat with those from that time etc, so it’s definitely something we’ll be doing more of.

  3. Mattock at 08:06

    Re-reading my initial post , I have concluded that a planned tour of local senior citizens facilities would be beneficial since self -incarceration is seemingly, obviously inevitable…..though perhaps not imminent – I realize it is the CSL and its Alan Errington.

    “The biggest moments in Whitecaps History ” – for a few who perused this article, you’re getting into trophy case, hollowed ground, territory. I mentioned the internet as a marvelous tool to get the background on the 43 years, perhaps a planned division of labour to cover the lack of knowledge and seemingly disinterest in parts of the club’s history. So when you write that you hardly know about Kevin Hector – I will idiotically, loudly ponder – why did you bother with this exercise if you had no intention to take it seriously, succumb to your/trio’s most fevered moments and pay short shrift to the NASL and CLS era?

    An immediate declaration to tell me to FO, it’s free, don’t like it don’t listen etc., is a fair and logical response.There is a lengthy discourse to be made about free content, how many of the canadian footy podcasts are asking for voluntary contributions,that when you can earn a bit of dough scribbling, you have to tailor your efforts..The degree of responsibility, time spent to be thorough, is -rightly – self-governing.

    Many have, perhaps some still do, buy footy rags – they have now become boutique and expensive,or photo – filled and relatively expensive.The era (Canadian at least) of someone gurgling a few or more invigorating tales a year, taking the reader off the beaten path, has diminished for both websites and authors. You come up with a few gems a year, can count on Sandor to chip in with a couple of decent efforts, Davidson, the G&M, Walrus, the defensive and entertaining Berrisford etc., but for the most part, the shrewd and talented look elsewhere, marshal their efforts to either earn a few bucks or have simply walked away.

    I know that in TO a group of sports reporters who have been unshackled (lost their gigs?) have started a pay for sports website. Somehow you would think that it would be possible to get say 4,000 people to pay $25 a year for Canadian footy if a healthy portion of the scribbling was sparkling, original, home to a dozen or so podcasts.i have no idea what compensation would be required, the cost of running such a site – but perhaps advertising could be brought in.i realize there was a time when CSN/Ben Rycroft pursued that dream- and I suppose if he couldn’t make a go of it……

    This is obviously not well -researched, lengthily thought through before typing – I use the cover of “comments” to hide behind.I realize this whining is self -indulgent, and the effort you put in to get contributors, scribble on your own is not to be under-appreciated, a true credit to your passionate and talent.

    Yet I strongly feel the Canadian soccer scribbling/podcast scene could use a strong central force, a re-invigoration.

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