Episode 285 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Seattle Flannel – Sounders v Whitecaps, Davies transfer talk, Whitecaps’ woes, Pacific FC, Can PL, Josh Simpson, David Clanachan)

Episode 285 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Seattle Flannel – Sounders v Whitecaps, Davies transfer talk, Whitecaps’ woes, Pacific FC, Can PL, Josh Simpson, David Clanachan)

In been a busy week in Whitecapsland. Has Alphonso Davies played his last match as a ‘Cap? How will the team spend their DAM (Davies Allocation Money)? Will they win another game this season? So much to talk about and we have it all for you in the latest episode of the AFTN Soccer Show.

We look back at the lows and lows from the Whitecaps’ 2-0 defeat to the Sounders and hear from Carl Robinson after the Seattle match as he talks about the loss, the continued indiscipline in the team, what needs to change, and more. Plus Felipe has some strong and heartfelt thoughts after the derby day debacle.

Alphonso Davies looks to be heading to pastures new in Germany. We have the latest transfer talk and debate how that money could, and should, be used to improve the team. But will it be? Will the mass clearout that’s needed be forthcoming and is Robbo the right man to oversee it or has he lost the locker room?

It’s also been a busy week for the Canadian Premier League with the official launch of Victoria’s Pacific FC. We talk to one of the co-owners Josh Simpson about the club’s plans and his own footballing journey, and catch up with CPL Commissioner David Clanachan about expansion dreams and what’s next for the league.

All this, plus does Jake Nerwinski fancy a chocolate digestive, the MLS West week in review, we delve into some of the stories around the footballing world in BC Soccerweb headlines, and a band from my hometown, The Newtown Grunts feature in this week’s Wavelength.

Here’s the full episode rundown of the main segments from the show:

02.29: Alphonso Davies transfer talk
12.34: Seattle Sounders v Vancouver Whitecaps match analysis
17.28: Coaches audio – Brian Schmetzer and Carl Robinson
24.00: More Sounders v ‘Caps chat
28.47: Whitecaps woes featuring Felipe and Robbo audio – team mentality, indiscipline, defensive frailty, playoff chances, Robbo’s future
46.45: How to spend the Davies money to rebuild the ‘Caps
57.10: Wavelength – Newtown Grunts – Everywhere She Goes
60.54: MLS West week in review
67.22: Montreal Canadian Championship preview
77.11: Pacific FC are here
79.53: Josh Simpson interview
88.27: Canadian PL chat and interview with David Clanachan
102.06: Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive? – Jake Nerwinski
103.45: BC Soccerweb headlines – a look at some stories around the world of football including TFC hooliganism, Mesut Ozil, CPL in Mississauga

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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  1. Mattock at 14:52

    When it comes to the MLS, it feels like the CPL will cave. It makes sense – the CPL salary cap would be about one-fifth of the yankee league -$1.5 Cdn for the CPL while the MLS is around $5 million US with Cap, TAM and GAM.

    It’s a quandary – you want the Residency and players from the bottom of the roster to get some playing time- but to accept a large number of MLS players, it really gives the MLS teams room to crow the reality – the gap between the leagues. I want the league to stand on it’s own two feet and even – to a degree of Canadian politeness – give the finger to the MLS.

    It would make sense for a few of the residency players to consider signing with the CPL over the MLS, get some decent dough and playing time. I believe the MLS will try to ensure that good canuck prospects will fall for the spiel about signing for an MLS team and then getting loaned out.

    What was your salutation when speaking to a “legend?” I see Rob Friend and Josh Simpson modestly allowed themselves to be described as legends in one of their promo videos. I hope you were able to take it all in.

  2. Michael McColl Author at 20:07

    I never noticed that in the video. I just went with the “Hey Josh” and “Hey Rob” opening

  3. Allan Nilsson at 01:54

    After listening to the podcast I don’t recall you mentioning the option of using some of Alphonso Davies’ transfer money to replace the manager. That’s odd.

  4. Mattock at 11:18

    First name basis – that’s good. I enjoyed your – half-joking? – riff on getting a gig with the club.The league stated that it would not only be providing playing time for Canadians, but also coaches, staff etc. I’ve wondered if that would be expanded to include the independent soccer scribblers who have been putting in their dues for the last decade or two.

    I have a feeling – except for say Kevin Laramee ,if a team comes to Quebec – that they’ll bypass those that have been opinionated for years (that’s why the congenial Kevin may sneak in.) I believe they’ll opt for tech savvy recent J-school grads who would be happy to enter the workforce for a sports team where a modest salary wouldn’t be a deterrent, stick to the script. I hope I’m wrong – there’s a few who deserve to get a shout, if that’s their goal.

  5. Mattock at 10:43

    17 sec in, the legends are revealed….

    even a few verbals from the storyteller himself, Schaad. I leave you in peace.

  6. Metasyntactic variable at 19:23

    I hope there’s no insular thought on who should be in the league.

    Of the 3 players the Whitecaps sent down to Fresno, only one has any meaningful minutes this year: Noah Verhoeven.

    I look at a player like Jackson Farmer who should have been playing last year, but will only likely begin playing up to his capabilities next year in for Calvary or Edmonton.

    Kianz Froese played for Fortuna Düsseldorf II last year after playing for Whitecaps FC 2 the year before. if he doesn’t play for Fortuna Düsseldorf this year he should come back to the CPL. The same with Kadin Chung if he doesn’t progress from FC Kaiserslautern II.

    It’s early but Marco Bustos hasn’t shown for Zacatepec (Divsion 2) and if he doesn’t he should sign in or be loaned to the CPL. Maybe the Whitecaps just want these players to come back as good foot soldiers like Erik Hurtado after loan, but I hope they’re concerned about their development.

    These players lost prime development years because the Whitecaps wouldn’t play them and couldn’t find a place which would; Brett Levis needs to be playing full time next year. Theo Bair should be loaned out to Ottawa, (if they get a team) Simon Colyn and Sean Melvin to Pacific FC, and the Baldisimo brothers should be playing along with Terran Campbell and if the CPL is serious about the CNT that’s the type of player they should want playing regardless of how they get him.

    In some of these cases it would help the clubs bottom line for it’d be salaries off the book, paid for by MLS.

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