Episode 386 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Living In A World Of Isolation with guest Jonathan Tannenwald)

Episode 386 – The AFTN Soccer Show (Living In A World Of Isolation with guest Jonathan Tannenwald)

We’re living in strange times. Worrying times. And let’s be honest, somewhat scary times because no-one really knows what direction this whole coronavirus pandemic is going to take next. If the last week has shown us anything, it’s that the situation can change dramatically by the hour, never mind by the day or week.

What we need right now is some kind of normality, and that’s why we’re not going anywhere at the AFTN Soccer Show and will still be bringing you weekly episodes of the show in these trouble times, to at least give you a modicum of entertainment and your football fix.

The episodes will be a little bit different in nature of course, starting with this one. There’s no games to talk about for starters, but we’ll look over the Whitecaps news from this past week, including a big Connect 4 win over Colorado and the club’s reaction to the coronavirus crisis.

Jonathan Tannnenwald of the Philly Inquirer joins us on the phone to talk about the football shutdown across the world, the reaction to the crisis in North America, and to chat about what has been a terrible week publicity-wise for US Soccer.

With no immediate end to the coronavirus crisis in sight, could the MLS season already be over? Hopefully not, but just in case we bring you a tongue in cheek Whitecaps end of season review. Plus part one of our new football drama serial “It’s Hard To Be The Son Of A Soccer Star”, Football Violence Awareness Month continues in Wavelength, and Scottish band Peat & Diesel continue their residency as March’s artists of the month.

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

03.57: Football has been shut down
21.49: Whitecaps and MLS coronavirus response and a Connect 4 victory
54.39: More on the coronavirus’ impact on football with Jonathan Tannenwald
79.52: US Soccer’s very bad week – with Jonathan Tannenwald
100.05: Wavelength – The Last Resort – Resort Bootboys
110.13: It’s Hard To Be The Son Of A Soccer Star – episodic drama serial
121.54: Whitecaps 2020 End of Season review!
135.48: MLS Hunger Games

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Authored by: Michael McColl

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